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A missing woman who was allegedly raped in 2015 died the following year after her car plunged into a frozen lake 200 miles from her home, an investigation has heard. Hannah Warren, 28, managed to free herself from the submerged Mini convertible and swim to nearby rocks. However, an inquest heard that she fell back into cold water near a Tata Steel site in Port Talbot and drowned. Her body was discovered more than 100 meters from where her car hit the lake on February 4, 2016.

Hannah’s devastated mother, Jane Barnes, told an inquest today, January 17, how her daughter died exactly one year to the day she was allegedly raped by a colleague. She was in counseling sessions after she revealed the incident to her younger brother. Hannah reportedly disappeared from her home in Streatham, South West London, on February 3. Around 6am, she disappeared in her car and then texted her boss to say that she wanted to quit her job at an office design firm in London.

Hannah Warren Age

The age of Hannah Warren was 28 years.


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Hannah Warren drove into freezing lake and drowned

Annah then made the 200-mile drive to Port Talbot, where she drove to the water from a quayside road that had no guardrails. Dr Ryk James, a Home Office pathologist, told the hearing that she believes Hannah drowned. The 28-year-old’s face and body were covered in a series of bruises. He had marks on his neck that indicated a ligature might have been placed around him.

Dr. James, however, claimed that this was caused by the car’s seat belt. There were “low” levels of cocaine and cannabis in Hannah’s body, but the medical report could not clearly establish whether this was sufficient to “impair her behaviour”. It was also claimed in the inquest that she was in a “distorted” state of mind at the time of her death. During the hearing, Hannah’s mother broke down in tears and recalled how Hannah had been in a relationship for two years with a colleague, David Murray, who was “entitled”.

In December 2015, the couple planned to move in together, but he apparently told Hannah that she “wasn’t good enough for him” the day before. Barnes said this made her daughter feel “depressed” and she scrapped her plans to live with Murray. She also canceled a planned trip to South Africa that Christmas to see her family.


“It was very sad because Hannah loved him,” the mother said, according to The Sun. Barnes also mentioned how her daughter worked hard day and night to land a key role at a London office remodeling company. Hannah was said to have received a phone call from her boss criticizing her efforts in the months leading up to her death. The investigation continues.Read More…..


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