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A British mother obsessed with serial killers reportedly “laughed” after brutally stabbing her boyfriend to death and video calling a friend to show him the corpse. Shaye Groves, 27, who allegedly framed portraits of notorious assassins such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer in her bedroom, reportedly told her friend “I’ve done it” after killing her lover Frankie Fitzgerald while slept.

The mother-of-one is said to have used decorative knives in her bedroom to “play with knives,” and she reportedly practiced masochism, bondage, and submission with Fitzgerald in her Havant home. Groves is alleged to have stabbed Fitzgerald at least 22 times in a “crime of passion” on July 17 of last year before conjuring up a false alibi inspired by her favorite true crime documentaries. She has denied having anything to do with the murder.

According to the Daily Mail, the couple had rekindled an old relationship after bumping into each other in a pub in Cosham, Hampshire, in January last year. Groves is said to have become “obsessed” with Fitzgerald’s “bedroom performance”. Winchester Crown Court heard Groves video call her friend Vikki Baitup after the murder and show her the lifeless body of the victim with a “massive” knife wound. Baitup allegedly received a message from Groves in the early hours of July 17, where she hoped to create a “false alibi” by claiming that Fitzgerald had left her home.


Shaye Groves Age

The age of Shaye Groves is 27 years.

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Shaye Groves

Speaking to police, Baitup said Groves was “giggling” during the phone call and had a “very normal conversation” discussing her weekend. Initiating a video call at some point, she went upstairs to her bedroom and pointed the camera at Fitzgerald before declaring, “I’ve done it.” Baitup told jurors she “couldn’t believe it was real” and asked if “I was being fooled” when Groves came back up to her room to show her Fitzgerald’s body wrapped in a duvet and dumped in garbage bags. When Baitup raised his voice at her, Groves allegedly told her “shhh, the kids are in the house.”

“Groves got very close to the wound,” Baitup recalled. “I think she hadn’t really grasped what happened before. The wound was so deep, it was huge.” When asked what had happened, Groves explained “calmly” that she had checked her phone and discovered that she was texting a “teenager.” Baitup continued: “While he was sleeping, she put the dagger through his neck and that’s when he woke up.


He was asleep, she wasn’t even in danger. I could understand if he was attacking her, but she told me he was asleep and he wasn’t even in danger. He couldn’t even defend himself. She said Groves kept four “decorative” knives in her bedroom for her and Fitzgerald, as they both played with knives during intercourse. The knives reportedly had depictions of movie villains, including Chuckie, Jigsaw, and Pennywise, and were easily accessible to anyone.

Baitup told jurors that Groves had “seen enough murder documentaries” and knew that his plan to bury the body of his lover “in the backyard” was a bad idea. Speaking of his interest in serial killers, Baitup said Groves had framed portraits of Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer. The alleged killer was also known to “carry a knife” with her “for safety” while walking alone at nights. Baitup said Groves’s last words at the end of the call were: “We’re still friends, aren’t we?”

According to a pathologist’s report filed with the court, Fitzgerald was stabbed 17 times in the front of the chest, twice in other areas of the chest, and three times in the neck. He died after “multiple punctures to the heart and lungs” followed by “catastrophic blood loss.” Officers responding to the scene reported an “incredibly strong” bleach odor in the bedroom. Video footage of his arrival captured Groves saying: “I was going to call you myself. I don’t know what the hell happened.”


She claimed to authorities that Fitzgerald had tried to hurt her and that she had video footage of him raping and attacking her. “He’s dead. He’s in my room, it’s a mess, it really is a mess,” she was heard telling officers. “I still took someone’s life. The knife I used is in the sink, the cut on his neck is pretty brutal, when I put it to his neck he turned around.” Groves has denied the murder and claimed that he acted in self-defense. The murder trial is still ongoing.Read more….

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