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An Eaton, Ohio woman who turned herself in for drowning her 93-year-old grandmother in a kitchen sink has pleaded guilty to murder and is scheduled to be sentenced next week, according to reports. NBC station WDTN reported that in November 2022, 35-year-old Heidi Matheny turned herself in to the Eaton Police Department, claiming to have drowned her grandmother, Alice Matheny.

Police said the day before Heidi drowned her grandmother, she took her to a doctor’s appointment and was told she needed to be placed in a nursing home, which Matheny told police she couldn’t afford.

Heidi Matheny Age

The age of Heidi Matheny is 35 years.


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Heidi Matheny drowning her 93-year-old grandmother Alice Matheny

She allegedly also told police that insurance would not cover the cost of putting her grandmother in a nursing home. The two women had ice cream together in the elderly woman’s apartment before Heidi allegedly got behind her grandmother as she washed the dishes and dunked her head in the water until the bubbles stopped, police said.

Heidi Matheny also allegedly told police that she took her grandmother into her bathtub to make sure she was dead. “It’s nothing that she did,” Matheny told police. “She’s not… She’s not the perfect fucking grandmother.” After her grandmother died, Heidi told the police during the interview, she left the apartment through the window and walked to the police station to make the confession.

Matheny appeared before a judge on December 9, 2022, and pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. Bail for her was set at $500,000 and she was required to submit to a mental competency evaluation. The Preble County Common Court in January found Matheny competent to stand trial, and on February 3, she reversed her guilty plea. She is expected to be sentenced on March 15.Read More…..


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