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One year after the death of Microsoft executive Jared Galen Bridegan, a suspect, Henry Tenon, has been arrested. The convicted felon rented the Jacksonville home to the new husband of the shooting victim’s ex-wife, Shanna Gardner Fernandez.

Charged with second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder on February 16, 2022, by killing Bridegan, Tenon has been taken into custody. No further details of the year-old case have been released and the warrant for his arrest is sealed. On Wednesday, January 25, the Jacksonville Beach Police Department official held a press conference and stated that the investigation is ongoing and shared that Tenon did not act alone in the murder, Daily Mail reported.

Tenon, a convicted felon who was arrested on unrelated weapons charges in August 2022, previously rented the home from Shanna Gardner’s new husband, Mario Fernandez. In October 2022, three months after Tenon’s arrest, the couple sold the house. The sale took place notably eight months after Bridegan’s death.


Henry Tenon Age

The age of Henry Tenon is 61 years.

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Henry Tenon arrested

After the death, Gardner and Fernandez moved cross-country from Florida to Washington state. The couple who are also suspected in the murder have yet to be arrested. “We know that Henry Tenon did not act alone,” State Attorney Melissa Nelson said at the news conference. On Thursday, January 26, Tenon will appear before a judge on murder charges.

After leaving Bridegan’s nine-year-old twins with his mother, Kirsten Bridegan, he was driving from Jacksonville Beach, Florida, to St. Augustine the day he was killed. At the time of Bridegan’s murder, his two-year-old daughter, Bexley, was inside the car, which also resulted in Tenon being charged with child abuse. Tenon walked to the car after Bridegan had to stop when the killer ambushed his vehicle by placing a tire in the middle of the road.


Tenon’s previous offenses

In addition to driving without a license, the Jacksonville Beach Police Department arrested the convicted felon in August 2022 for possessing a weapon. Driving with a license suspended multiple times, domestic violence charges and misdemeanor assault are among his prior offenses. Tenon was also arrested in the mid-1990s, according to his arrest record.

On Bridegan’s second-degree murder charges, the arrested killer faces life in prison. According to the Daily Mail, prosecutors announced on Wednesday, January 26, that they expect the murder case to become a first-degree murder and go to a grand jury.Read More….

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