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A Michigan mother whose young son died after overdosing on antidepressant pills sobbed and shared her regrets as she was sentenced to prison Wednesday. Hope Marshall, 27, will serve at least 18 months in prison for the June 2022 death of 17-month-old Kaiden Wood, who died inside her Kentwood home.

‘I am a mother full of guilt, shame, regret and pain. A mother’s worst nightmare is losing a child, but what do you do when your own actions are responsible? she said. When police first arrived at the home on an unresponsive young child’s call, they found items including a soup pot filled with vomit, a marijuana pipe and Xanax.

Kaiden’s father, Kyle Wood, pleaded guilty to second-degree child abuse in March and was sentenced to at least 30 months for the boy’s death. In court Wednesday, Marshall said she “failed” her son and her siblings. ‘Kaiden is my world and I failed him so much. I let my drug addiction destroy the life of my precious son and also the lives of my other two children,” said the woman.


Hope Marshall Age

The age of Hope Marshall is 27 year.

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Charges on Hope Marshall

According to early reports, when investigators searched the home in the 400 block of Prince Albert St. SE, they found the residence to be in general disarray. Detectives also found numerous items of concern, including three loose Wellbutrin pills in the living room and Xanax on the kitchen counter.

Both drugs are commonly used as antidepressants. At the time, Marshall told police that the Wellbutrin was hers and allegedly told police that she “takes three (Wellbutrin) with her coffee every morning.” A broken acetaminophen pill was on the hallway floor, 13 ABC reported, as was a pen inside Kaiden’s crib.


Marshall told police that she had last seen Kaiden alive around 8 a.m. on June 23, after giving him some Cheerios and then putting him back in her crib. Two hours later, she found him in her bed “cold and sad.” She took him to the living room floor where first responders finally found him upon arrival.

A report from the Kent County Medical Examiner’s Office said paramedics tried to revive him but were unable to because his jaw was already too rigid. ‘He was in full rigor mortis at the time of EMS arrival. He was pronounced dead at 10:25 a.m. m. 6/23/22,” wrote an investigator from the ME office.

When police later returned to the scene in August 2022, he discovered uncovered needles stuck in a mattress and another vape pen in a coffee table drawer.


In court on Wednesday, the mother told the judge that she hopes to use her prison time and then turn his life around after this tragic mistake. “I hope you can see how much I want to change my life and how sorry I am for my actions and how much I have reflected on them,” Marshall said. “I just want help and the fact that I had to lose my son to realize that is sad,” Marshall told Judge Paul Denenfeld.

As part of a plea deal, Marshall pleaded guilty to second-degree child abuse and the manslaughter charge was dropped. In sentencing the mother, Denenfield said he has seen three cases of children overdosing on pills and drugs left behind by their parents. “Parents want to sit down and use drugs, whether it’s legal or illegal, I guess that’s their own choice,” the judge exclaimed.

“Children don’t choose to be tempted by things that children would normally reach for and try to ingest,” Denenfeld said, before sentencing Marshall. Like Marshall, Kaiden’s father made similar comments when addressing a court earlier this year when he was charged in the death of his one-year-old son. “I understand that I made a mistake that day,” Wood said in March.


And I know that I have to stop. And unfortunately, I lost one of my sons while he was doing it,” the father said. “I just want to say, not even to the court, but to my son, that I’m sorry,” Kyle said. He was given a minimum sentence of 30 months and a maximum of 10 years.Read More……

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