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The boyfriend of a woman accused of shooting her husband after arguments about out-of-wedlock relationships has been arrested when police said they believed he was at the scene of the crime during a final confrontation when the victim was killed. James Sena, 34, was arrested Monday night and charged with conspiracy to commit a first-degree felony in the July 4 shooting death of Joel Valdez, 39, police said in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in a news release. It comes after the arrest of the victim’s wife, Erica Valdez, 39, on Friday, authorities said.

Erica Valdez and Sena had been dating and were soon identified as suspects in the fatal shooting. Authorities said the couple’s arguments over the past few months came to a head on Independence Day when Joel Valdez confronted Erica Valdez and Sena at a Motel 6, where Sena worked as a security guard.

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the age of James Sena is 34 year.


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James Sena Accused of killing a man

Sena allegedly pulled a gun on Joel Valdez. As the two yelled at each other, Erica Valdez appeared at the front door, pushed Sena out of her way and yelled at her husband and a woman to leave or she would shoot them with what she said was an automatic pistol, according to a statement. affidavit of probable cause.

The other woman saw what she believed to be a black handgun with an extended “clip” in Erica Valdez’s hand pointing at her and Joel Valdez before he and her wife walked away from her. As Joel Valdez and the woman walked away, the woman heard what she believed to be four or five shots. “She did not know if she was in them or in the air,” the affidavit says.

Later that night, Erica Valdez allegedly went to the house she shared with Joel Valdez and pointed a gun at her chest. As she left the home, automatic gunshots rang out and drywall began flying off the walls, according to the affidavit. A relative reported that Erica Valdez called and said, “I just sprayed the house.”


Police said she received a 911 call from the house at 9:41 p.m. when the person who answered the 911 call heard a woman yelling that her husband brought a “mistress” into the residence and yelled, “I’m going to shoot you and hit you with this gun” and “You better get that woman out of the house before.” She shot him.

Erica Valdez allegedly returned to the area near the home two hours later with another man, believed to be Sena, when Joel Valdez was shot and killed during a final standoff, authorities said.

“Additional surveillance showed the same car returned to the area shortly after 11pm, and another verbal altercation can be seen. As the car left, another volley of automatic gunfire was heard,” police said. Police said they tried to make contact at the house, but found no one.


The victim’s 16-year-old daughter reportedly saw her mother drive away from her and found her father’s body dumped in the road, according to an affidavit. The document says shell casings of the same caliber were found on the driveway directly in front of the residence, and what appeared to be bullet holes were found in the front of the home.

Subsequent investigations revealed that two possible 10mm firearms had been used within five to six minutes from the shooting at the home to the location where Joel Valdez was found dead, leading to Sena’s arrest, according to the statement. sworn.

The affidavit said the married couple had been feuding for the past several months, with Erica Valdez allegedly feuding with her husband by calling him “B–” and putting him down. “As this confrontation continued, Erica began having relationships with other men, thus increasing the tension in the home,” the affidavit reads. At first, the husband did not know of her actions until her daughter told him about four or five days before.


“Upon learning of Erica’s other relationships, Joel became verbally angry and began yelling,” the document states. “After that day, Joel began having relationships outside of marriage,” in what the daughter thought was payback for what Ercia had started, the affidavit says. The Journal reported that the shooting followed months of domestic strife, including Erica Valdez’s accusation in April of 911 abuse after she allegedly called the police 27 times to report domestic violence.

Sena and Erica Valdez are also suspects in another shooting at a home on July 3, police said. Details about that incident remain scant.Sena’s attorney declined to comment, saying he had recently been hired on the case. An attorney for Erica Valdez did not immediately return a request for comment from Law & Crime.

Fidencio Duran, Joel Valdez’s brother, told the Albuquerque Journal he would miss his brother, a father of three and a tattoo artist who loved to ride motorcycles.“He had his downfalls like everyone does, but he was a good father,” Duran said, the paper reported.Read More……..


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