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A pregnant Washington mother who uses methamphetamine is now charged with murder after her 3-year-old son was found “very stiff” and “no pulse” on Super Bowl Sunday, authorities say. Tacoma-based 25-year-old Ivey Lewis also known as Divine Ry Chev, faces charges of first- and second-degree murder of her son, who had reportedly been in foster care until six years ago. months. Cops said they received a call Sunday night that the boy was “cold to the touch.”

“On February 12, 2023, at 7:35 p.m. m., officers responded to a third-hand report of a child who was unresponsive and cold to the touch in an apartment in the 3200 block of South Mason Avenue. Upon arrival, officers entered the apartment and brought the three-year-old child to them,” the Tacoma Police Department said in a statement. “Immediately life-saving measures were initiated, but the child was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Court documents obtained by Law & Crime, including the probable cause affidavit and an indictment of three counts in the case, revealed more about the circumstances leading up to Lewis’ arrest in the death of her son P.L. Authorities said the mother called a friend for help and the friend found the victim unconscious in a room at the apartment complex at 3202 South Mason Avenue. The affidavit signed by Assistant District Attorney Lisa Wagner says responding officers found the 3-year-old boy dead at the scene along with his surviving 1-year-old brother J.W. In a bed


Ivey Lewis Age

The age of Ivey Lewis is 25 years.

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Ivey Lewis accused of killing her Son

“When officers entered the bedroom, they were able to see a young boy, identified as P.L. three-year-old, lying on his back with knees slightly bent. They saw that he had multiple bruises on his face that appeared to be fresh,” the affidavit reads. “The victim’s face was discolored, bruised, and had obvious burn marks all over her face. Officers also observed cuts on the victim’s face.”

Investigators said the boy was “very stiff” and “had no pulse.” He was pronounced dead at the scene after it became “obvious that rigor mortis had set in.” Officers noted that the room was stifling because a heater was on full blast. One officer apparently found it difficult to breathe in the apartment. The mother allegedly told investigators that her son regularly ran into a wall and hit his head.


“Detectives examined the victim’s body more closely and noted that the victim had obvious trauma to the front of the head, including swelling above the eyebrows, possible bruising to the crown of the head, and suspicious blood around the mouth and neck. nose area”. authorities said. “There was also a large area on the left side of the face that appeared to be a burn.” Investigators believe the numerous injuries to the boy’s chest, sides, arms and legs were “consistent with being struck with an object.” Responding detectives also said it appeared the victim had been electrocuted.

It was also noted that there were several small marks on the victim’s chest, which appeared to match an electronic electric shock device (taser) located on the kitchen table,” the court documents state. Inside an arcade of horrors, investigators claimed to have found splatters of dried blood on the walls. Authorities said Lewis agreed to speak with them after he was read his Miranda rights and he admitted that he was currently under the supervision of Child Protective Services.

He allegedly claimed that he only realized something was wrong with his son on Sunday night. “She picked him up and saw his eyes were ‘fluttering,’ but she was unresponsive,” the documents say. She “Then she took him to the bathroom, where there was water in the tub, turned on the tap and placed his feet in the water to wake him up. When the victim did not respond to the water, she took him into the bedroom and laid him on the bed.”


Thereafter, they called the police and made the shocking discovery. During an interview with police, Lewis allegedly admitted that she previously hit the victim with a belt when she “caught him and a girl ‘snuggling’ together.” The defendant also allegedly admitted to using methamphetamine and she stated that she is currently pregnant. A man identified as J.P. he allegedly told detectives that he once saw Lewis hit the victim with a power cord and that she punished him for “urinating on a mattress that she had been in the game room.” After the urination incident, she removed the mattress from the bedroom,Read More…..

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