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Jakayla Williams, an 18-year-old Alabama mother, is facing a capital murder charge after allegedly dumping her newborn into a dumpster equipped with a trash compactor. Williams was arrested Thursday, August 24, after officials recovered the baby’s remains at the Dothan landfill. Investigators believe the baby was alive when the mother dumped it in the dumpster.

Williams is originally from Fairburn, Georgia, and previously attended Dothan High School, according to her Facebook page. She is currently being held at the Dothan City Jail without bail, according to Law & Crime. At a news conference, Dothan Police Chief Will Benny said Williams abandoned the baby after giving birth on August 13 to her at her private residence in the 1100 block of Tate Drive, Dothan.

As of Wednesday, August 23, Williams’s family was also unaware that she was pregnant and had given birth to a boy. Authorities stated that the family was “led to believe” that the child was under the care of medical personnel. After learning of the delivery, the family rushed to the medical center looking for a “red-headed” clerk, whom William claimed to have delivered the baby to.


Jakayla Williams Age

The age of Jakayla Williams is 18 year.

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Charges on Jakayla Williams

However, his claims were soon disproved after investigators examined surveillance footage and found no evidence that she had ever gone to the hospital. Benny noted that the boy’s father received the same information as other family members: that the newborn was taken to the hospital.

After being arrested, Williams finally admitted that she had abandoned the baby because she didn’t want to be a mother at only 18 and having a baby “cost too much money.” During her questioning, she told investigators that she wrapped her newborn in a blanket and placed it inside a dumpster at an apartment complex. When police searched the dumpster, which had a trash compactor attached, officers found the baby’s remains there wrapped in a mattress protector. The mattress protector was thrown inside a duffel bag secured with a zipper.


The investigator said the body was immediately transferred to the Alabama Department of Montgomery to confirm that the remains were those of the missing newborn. “It is absolutely shocking. In all my years as a law enforcement officer, I’ve never heard of anything as horrible as this. It shocks the mind. It shocks the soul. I don’t even know what else to say about it,” Benny said.Read More……..

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