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For the first time, Detroit prosecutors have unsealed murder charges against the ex-boyfriend accused of stealing Patrice Wilson’s car after his hospital shift ended Mother’s Day weekend and the 29-year-old nurse was shot. years and the mother who tried to break up with him. Wayne County District Attorney Kym Worthy addressed reporters Thursday about the latest update in the case against Jamere Miller, 36.

“Simply put, the most dangerous time in any type of domestic violence case is when, which often is, the woman is trying to leave the relationship. It is absolutely the most dangerous and egregious moment,” Worthy said. “Patrice Wilson, in every way, was a hard-working woman, a great mother, a great family person, and well-respected in her work as a nurse at the Detroit Medical Center.” “She was just trying to live her life, work hard and break a relationship that she knew was not good for her,” the lead prosecutor said.

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The age of Jamere Milller is 36 years.


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Jamere Milller accused of killing nurse

Claiming that Miller “would not leave [Wilson] alone” and “would not respond to her wishes to leave her alone,” Worthy charged him with “numerous” crimes, including: first degree premeditated murder, felony murder, carjacking , armed robbery , felony in possession of a firearm, and five counts of felony firearm. The Detroit Police Department previously said Wilson had finished an overnight nursing shift early Saturday, May 13, and was getting into her car when an armed Miller, “seen wearing a blonde wig,” kidnapped her.


Roslind Livingston, Wilson’s mother, had expressed her hope that Wilson would be saved in time for Mother’s Day with her child. “It’s Mother’s Day and she’s not here to be with her child,” Livingston said. “Her son of hers can’t hug her and say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ today. That annoys me.” Instead, Wilson was found in her trunk shot to death.

“People were outraged when they heard about this particular case, of someone being forcibly removed from her work at the end of their shift,” Worthy said. “But unfortunately this is what we see all the time in domestic violence cases, especially those that escalate into homicides.”

Worthy said Miller’s arraignment was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Thursday. Detroit Police Chief James White took the podium after Worthy, calling this a “very, very sad case.”


“Hopefully this will bring some degree of closure to the family and certainly justice for this family, calling it a senseless act of violence that shouldn’t happen,” he said. White thanked the detectives and homicide prosecutors behind the charges and said the relationship between the Wayne County District Attorney’s Office and DPD has never been better than it is now.

Back at the podium, Worthy explained why there was a delay between Miller’s arrest on May 14 and the murder charges. “We didn’t feel rushed” since he was already in custody, Worthy explained. He stressed the need to “get it right” and said he worked the case almost 24/7.Read More…..

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