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One of the upstate teens accused of killing and eating an adored mother swan flashed an eerie smile during his arrest Wednesday, according to video footage of the raid posted online. Eman Hussan, 18, strutted like a peacock for the cameras as he was led by police on the street in Manlius, where he was charged with grand theft for joining two underage friends in stealing a city-owned swan. named Faye on Memorial Day, cook her for dinner, and kidnap her four babies.

Eman Hussan Age

The age of Eman Hussan is 18 years.

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Charges on Eman Hussan

Authorities said Thursday that Faye’s grieving swan companion, Manny, would likely be removed from the pond where they lived so he doesn’t become aggressive over the loss of him. “We’ll probably eliminate Manny because of the importance of them mating forever, and losing Faye — Manny can become combative,” Manlius Mayor Paul Whorral told WSYR-TV.


Hussan and his 16- and 17-year-old friends allegedly grabbed Faye because they thought the bird was a duck when they allegedly went “hunting” Monday at a pond where generations of town-owned swans have congregated since 1905, police said. The teens allegedly jumped a fence surrounding Manlius Swan Pond, killed Faye while she was nesting, and then took four of her babies, according to police. She said the male bird will likely be rehomed in six weeks, when the four baby swans, known as swans, return to the water.

“Manny will be taken out of the pond and let the four swans grow…hopefully two of the swans will mate and we’ll go back to the way we were,” Whorral said. All four babies were in good health Tuesday and are now under the care of a local biologist, reported. Hussan and his accomplices were allegedly hunting for fun, not for lack of food, police said.

“They eventually consumed the swan, but I don’t know if it was cultural beliefs or not,” said Manlius Police Sgt. Ken Hatter. The teens were charged with felony grand theft along with conspiracy and burglary. Hussan was arraigned on Wednesday and released on parole. He is due to appear in court again on June 15.Read More……


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