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A Georgia man didn’t want his police wife to discover the “extent of her lies and deceit,” so he shot and killed her and her brother in a planned ambush and failed cover-up effort. He was recently convicted of those crimes, authorities announced. Jaquavia Jackson, 30, was found guilty by a jury of his peers on two counts of felony manslaughter, felony manslaughter, aggravated assault and felony possession of a firearm on Friday, the District Attorney’s Office announced. Newton County District in a news release. release.

“A daughter and son were separated from a family in a horrific and premeditated incident,” Newton County District Attorney Randy McGinley said in a statement. “Nothing can make up for the tremendous loss of Shakeema and Levoy. But this verdict holds the person who separated them from their family accountable.” Shakeema Brown Jackson, 28, had just been promoted to Fulton County Deputy Sheriff after several years with the sheriff’s office; less than a year and a half before she gave birth to her son.

Jaquavia Jackson Age

The age of Jaquavia Jackson is 30 year.


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Why Jaquavia Jackson killed his wife?

On October 21, 2021, she was wrapped in a blanket, lying on her couch and browsing Facebook when her husband entered her bedroom, shot her multiple times, and killed her. Jaquavia Jackson then turned the gun on her brother, Levoy Brown, 30, killing him as well. She then called her mother and pretended. “She called me before she called the police,” Zona Inman told Atlanta-based Fox affiliate WAGA in the days that followed. “‘Mom, Mom, someone shot Shakeema and Levoy. they are dead. They are dead'”.

The assailant fired another shot, towards the outside of the house, to corroborate the story that the intruders had committed the crimes. “The defendant was on the scene and claimed, both at the scene and in an interview at the sheriff’s office, that two unknown men entered the home and killed her wife and her brother,” the sheriff’s office said. fiscal.

But the story quickly unraveled. Investigators soon learned that the Jacksons were scheduled to attend court the day after the murders, in response to a subpoena, the prosecutor’s office said. It turned out that the killer was being sued by two separate women for fathering their children. And, after sending “someone else” to provide DNA in two separate child paternity disputes, Jaquavia Jackson set out to answer questions about “these fake DNA tests and his wife would have discovered the truth and extent of his lie and deceit. ”, he said the prosecutor’s office.


During the defendant’s trial, jurors also learned that Jaquavia Jackson had asked a neighbor if her security cameras were running the morning of the murders. The neighbor said they weren’t, but at least one neighbor had cameras that were. The footage showed that no one entered or left the home on Windcrest Drive on the day in question. Police also showed that text messages and call records between the defendant and his wife contradicted false claims about the two men breaking through the front door. “He stole them from me,” Inman told WAGA. “He took it from me. She was my princess. My jewel.

A GoFundMe has been started to help the grandmother raise the son Shakeema Jackson left behind. “Shakeema was not only an MP, she was also a mother, a daughter, a wife, a loving sister and a trusted friend to many,” the fundraiser read. “She leaves behind a 17-month-old son (Ashton) and a brother and mother who will miss her dearly.

Lavoy Brown was a 30-year-old young man. He was always known as the good guy, always smiling, laughing and always bringing positive energy wherever he went. Lavoy has a love for fashion, music and photography. You can always count on him to show up and show himself. He also leaves behind a brother, a nephew, and his loving mother, as well as a community that will miss him dearly.” Jaquavia Jackson is currently being held in the Newton County Jail. Her sentencing date will be set later.Read More…….


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