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The body of the man found stuffed in a sealed barrel at Malibu Lagoon State Beach has been identified as a local singer-songwriter and rap artist. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner identified the body as Javonnta Murphy, 32, of Sylmar, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Murphy’s body was found naked inside the barrel, but her cause of death has not been released. It is unclear how long she was in the barrel. Murphy’s social media pages indicated that he was a local hip-hop artist and singer-songwriter. She would often post videos of him playing and singing his own music in his car.

He also shared a YouTube link to what appears to be the page of a band, Tank & Booq, who only had three songs posted. Many fans took to the comments section of his latest Instagram post, which was published seven weeks ago, where he posted a video of him drinking from a large bottle of wine, with the caption: “When you’ve been drinking more alcohol for the last few five days…”


Javonnta Murphy Age

The age of Javonnta Murphy was 32 year.

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Javonnta Murphy’s body found in Malibu

“Rest in peace young man,” wrote one fan. “My heart was breaking for you and your family last night when I read the news article. I don’t know you, but you didn’t deserve to die.” Another wrote: “Rest in peace… you didn’t deserve what happened to you. I didn’t know you, but I know that no one deserves this.” Many simply wrote: “RIP”.

The barrel in which Murphy’s body was found was dragged into the lagoon Sunday by a maintenance worker who had to row a kayak there. The worker did not open the barrel. Around 10 a.m. m. Monday, a lifeguard pulled the barrel out of the water again and opened it, only to discover the body of the musician inside, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lt. Hugo Reynaga said, according to the Los Angeles Times.


The lifeguard had opened the barrel because it had a suspicious weight, a source close to the investigation told the Los Angeles Times. Former Malibu Mayor Jefferson Wagner said he noticed the barrel on Sunday but he “thought it was a toxic waste container when I saw it,” he told the Times. “This is not what happens in Malibu,” he told the outlet. “This is not something common. I mean, bodies in a barrel is just sad. Investigators are examining security footage in the area to hopefully find the culprit.Read More……..

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