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A Portland doctor who was knocked out by a ‘homeless’ attacker has revealed injuries to her face and blames the city for slow police response. Radiologist Mary Costantino was attacked last Friday night shortly after 10:30 a.m. in Oregon City while she was out for a walk with a friend. Shocking surveillance footage of the incident shows a man throwing a large silver bottle directly at the 50-year-old woman, knocking her unconscious.

Speaking to Fox News Digital, Costantino said she woke up on the floor and was sure she was about to be killed and immediately called 911. Costantino has now also criticized the city for the poor response time to the situation. Speaking to Fox, she said: “I thought we were still being targeted in some way.” “I thought, I’m going to try to verbalize a report of what’s going on, so there’s some record of how I died.” As she became more coherent, she realized that she was not dying and that, in fact, she had been hit in the face by an aluminum water bottle.

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The age of Mary Costantino is 50 year,.


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Who beat Mary Costantino?

Surveillance footage shows the moment the unprovoked assault occurred, and police are now seeking help in capturing the suspect. Costantino can be seen walking with her friend on the far right of the shot, as other people walk on the sidewalk. Seconds later, a man viciously throws the bottle at Costantino, who is immediately knocked unconscious and falls to the ground. The man then continues towards the couple, with Costantino now on the ground, while her friend manages to keep the man at bay.

Police described the man as a white male between the ages of 20 and 30 and was last seen wearing a dark flannel jacket with a dark hood, black pants and carrying a backpack. The officers said they had been dispatched at 10:55 p.m. m., about twenty minutes after the attack; by then, Costantino had given up and gone home. She also told the outlet, “I don’t hold the police accountable for this at all, I hold our city accountable for defunding the police.”

‘We don’t have enough police force to protect our citizens, and we did this to ourselves. “If we don’t have police officers to stand by someone who is being attacked, then we will be on our own.” Costantino said deteriorating public safety in Portland has now led her to change her voting habits from Democrat to Republican.


This recent incident comes after a series of troubling incidents for the city battling homelessness and outdoor drug problems. In May, local Oregon officials considered calling in the National Guard to help with the city’s homeless problem. A count by the Committee on Health, Human Services and Public Safety in April revealed that it estimated there were about 5,000 homeless people in the city.Read More………

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