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Jemma Zoezee always dreamed of being a mother, but was “destroyed” after losing her first child when she was three months pregnant.

The 26-year-old then suffered two more miscarriages that caused her mental health to worsen, Wales Online reports. Tragically, Jemma died suddenly on December 16, leaving her family devastated.

Her brother Asa said: “The first miscarriage destroyed Jemma. There was very little support for her.” “When you’re down and then you have to dive deeper into your emotions, it can be hard.


“We really wanted her to feel like she could navigate through how she was feeling, but there’s very little professional support there. “There was no proactive support for her after the miscarriages. No one explained to her why she kept losing her babies, and the effect of it put her mentally under immense pressure.”

Jemma Zoezee Age

The age of Jemma Zoezee was 26.

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Jemma Zoezee cause of death

“I would talk to her on the phone for hours, but after her first miscarriage we had lost a part of Jemma. “I am so proud of Jem for how hard she fought to be happy, but in the end, her sadness was too much to bear. The children brought so much happiness to Jem’s life, but the pain of losing her babies was too much for her. .”


Asa said that her sister had always “adored” children and started working as a babysitter while she was still in school. She later went on to work in day care centers as a youth care coordinator. After her niece was born, Jemma, in love with her, told Asa that she was “one of the only things holding me up”.

He said: “I would tell her that it was amazing that she had that power, but that we were also there to help and support her. “But Jemma seemed unable to get out of that hole.” The family has now launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for her funeral and the charity Tommy’s, which conducts research into miscarriages, stillbirths and premature births.

Her husband Tony ran 100 miles in a week for the organization after Jemma’s first miscarriage. Asa said: “It’s especially difficult as many couples grieving the loss of a baby grieve in silence. “This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation, when you really just need someone to tell you, ‘It’s okay to not be okay.


“That’s why we think it’s so important to raise awareness about an issue that many don’t talk about and encourage those who are struggling to speak up to a charity like Tommy’s.” Paying tribute to her sister, Asa said that her daughter still asks to call “jemjem.”

She said the family is still coming to terms with her death and misses Jemma “every day”. Asa added: “We love her so much. We will never be the same without her. “We wake up every morning hoping this was just a horrible dream. But Jem isn’t hurting anymore, we just wish we could do more.”Read More…..

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