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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: Shylah Rodden, who was the victim of a horrific roller coaster accident in September, is reportedly set to appear in Melbourne court this week on charges related to the theft. The 26-year-old currently remains in intensive care at the Royal Melbourne Hospital as she continues to fight for her life after being thrown into the air by the Rebel Coaster at 70km/h at the Melbourne Royal Show on September 24.

Despite her critical condition, Shylah will face Melbourne Magistrates Court on Wednesday 11th January along with her lawyers from SLKQ Lawyers of Melbourne.

Police sources told the Daily Mail that the allegations against Shylah are related to an event that took place before her tragic accident. The court hearing will likely be postponed as she continues to be unable to communicate with friends and family.


Shylah Rodden Age

The age of Shylah Rodden is 26 years

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Shylah Rodden victim of a horrific roller coaster accident

The reports of Shylah’s court hearing came days after it was revealed that she was in stable condition after coming out of a medically induced coma in November.

Shylah’s close friends recently told the Daily Mail that her condition is classified as stable but she is still unable to communicate with anyone. Her supportive family remains committed to caring for her when she is finally released from the hospital.


Shylah suffered severe brain damage after a fast-moving roller coaster launched her thirty feet into the air in September of last year. Rodden is believed to have walked onto the Rebel Coaster track to retrieve her phone when she was struck by a moving carriage.

Shortly after the incident, her father, Alan Rodden, told Daily Mail Australia that he had suffered life-changing injuries. “I can’t talk to my daughter. She’s going to be in a coma for quite a while,” he said. “The injuries are horrible. Horrible. He’s brain damaged. He’s got his pelvis, arms, legs, back, neck — there’s almost nothing that isn’t broken.

I just can’t understand how the hell he got so much damage.” Even the doctors have said they haven’t seen anything as bad as this in a long time.”


A GoFundMe page was also set up to help with Shylah’s recovery. The fundraiser has so far raised over $23,000 and remains open despite reaching its goal of $20,000. One of Shylah’s close friends recently stated that the money raised from the fundraiser would go towards helping Shylah along the long road to recovery.

“People have the impression that this money is only for her family. But people need to know that this money is for Shylah’s recovery,” the friend said. “This money will go toward therapy for her, rehabilitation for her, and things that need to be changed around the house for shower and bathroom needs.”Read More…..

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