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A Colorado man has been arrested for allegedly violating California hate crime laws after a TikTok video went viral reportedly showing him yelling biased and racist comments toward other customers at an East Bay In- N-Out, police said Monday.


Jordan is a 40-year-old Denver resident, was identified as a suspect by the San Ramon Police Chief.

A suspect, was arrested, according to a tweet posted by San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson Monday night. Krah, a native of Denver, Colorado, is being held at the Martinez Detention Center in Martinez, California on suspicion of a hate crime, the chief said.

Jordan Krah Age

The age of Jordan Krah is 40 years.


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Jordan Krah, Two counts of hate crime in San Ramon

Arine Kim and her friend Elliot Ha were sitting at an In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon on Christmas Eve when a man approached them and showered them with racial slurs.


He reached out and called them “queer gays,” then came back and made more biased comments about their color and ethnicity while the two were shooting a TikTok video and sampling food.

The diners look surprised and the suspect asks if they are Japanese or Korean. When one of them answers “Korean”, the suspect says “Korean” “I was thinking about it. You’re dating Kim Jong Un, right?”

The guy then makes a homophobic slur as he calls him a “slaveholder” as the diners laugh awkwardly.
Suspected of the problem In N Out San Ramon


San Ramon Law Enforcement Chief Denton Carlson tweeted a photo of a man driving a silver Mustang with Florida license plates on social media Sunday afternoon and said police were seeking information on the suspect.

The chief said Monday that Krah would be booked into the Martinez Contra Costa County Jail on charges of committing a hate crime.

Carlson wrote on social media Monday: “Thank you to everyone who has helped by providing information associated with the racist and homophobic incidents in recent days.”


A Colorado man was arrested Monday after it was alleged that he attacked two college students with a racist and homophobic rant as they dined at a Bay Area In-N-Out on Christmas Eve. Arine Kim and Elliot Ha, the students, captured the encounter on camera for a now-viral TikTok.

The suspect was later identified jorden, a Denver resident and now the San Ramon Police Department has announced that Jordan Douglas Krah, 40, is facing two counts of committing a hate crime.Read More….

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