Brendon Urie’s wife

Most people knew Brendon Urie as a member of Panic! at the Disco before performing a duet with Taylor Swift. However, after going solo, he stood out even more and people became more interested in the pop-rock singer turned Twitch streamer. Brendon Urie’s wife

Recently, a Twitter user shared an image, and in the background of the image, there is a window on a kitchen shelf with a pinned image of Brendon Urie and his wife, Sarah. Also, it looks like Sarah is pregnant in the photo.

The user wrote: “Oh f**k, they are playing.” The couple previously stated that they have no plans to have children. This is why the rumors that the couple is expecting have fans in shock.


Fans are reacting wildly on social media with a wide range of emotions, one Twitter user wrote: “OMG YAYYYY!!! TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE COULD BE HAVING A BABY?! I LOVE SARAH AND BEEBO SO MUCH!! I HOPE THEY ARE” Another user wrote: “DID THEY NOT SAY THEY DID NOT WANT KIDS?”

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Most people know that Sarah Urie is the wife of Brendon Urie. She is a well-known actress, beautician, and social media personality who rose to stardom after her connection to Panic! Disco’s leading singer, musician and songwriter rose to fame.

Who is Brendon Urie’s wife

Sarah Urie, née Orzechowski, is the wife of Brendon Urie; They met during one of his concerts. Although Sarah was at the concert with a friend, she was actually with someone else at the time.

She was the “most beautiful creature” he had ever seen, according to Brendon. The two spent time getting to know each other. But at the end of the night, when he found out that she was seeing someone else, they broke up. Brendon didn’t see Sarah for over a year. Later, Hayley Williams took her to another Panic! at Disco show when she was single, as reported by Healthycelebs.


The American city of Detroit, Michigan is the birthplace of Sarah Orzechowski. She works as a beautician as well as an actress. She was born in the United States and comes from a family of Polish descent and has a brother named Steve Orzechowski.

Once she and Brendon were married, she took her last name. She is also a self-described beauty freak who likes to spread awareness about organic hair and skin care products.

She usually does this on her Instagram account, which has more than 670,000 followers. She also advertises and sells organic and fragrant soaps and body cleansers on the platform, according to reports.


Sarah and Brendon Urie’s wedding ceremony took place at Saddlerock Ranch in Malibu, California, USA. Brendon’s wife chose a Vera Wang gown for the grand occasion.

The couple married and later settled in Los Angeles, California. They were forced to move in 2017 because fans repeatedly violated their privacy and made them feel unsafe. Are Sarah and Brendon Urie still a couple? Yes they are. They remain married to this day.

Some fans may have misinterpreted Brendon Urie’s alleged sexual orientation. Brendon previously admitted that he had dated (or, more accurately, “experienced with”) men before marrying Sarah. Interestingly, Urie has often made statements in interviews such as “everyone is a little bit gay.”


Brendon first said it in a tweet, but later explained it. Brendon initially identified as straight before coming out as pansexual. His wife also identifies as bisexual. Before dating and marrying Brendon, MEAWW reports. Sarah dated musician and songwriter Jeremy Davis. Davis played bass for the rock group Paramore in the past. read More….

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