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TEXAS: The stepfather of Mauricio Garcia, the individual responsible for the devastating shooting at Allen Premium Outlets in Texas, expressed his dismay at the incident and pledged his full cooperation with law enforcement in their ongoing investigation. The 33-year-old gunman killed eight people and injured seven others on Saturday, May 6. Jose Sai Ortuno is Stepfather of Mauricio Garcia.

Garcia allegedly held neo-Nazi and white supremacist beliefs and was discharged from the military due to “mental health issues” in 2008. He was armed with an AR-15-style rifle and was shot dead at the scene by the Allen police officer.

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Jose Sai Ortuno Stepfather of Mauricio Garcia

Jose Sai Ortuno, a Dallas-area drywall installer, condemned his stepson’s actions in the strongest terms. Expressing his pain, Ortuno said: “You know how people feel about this, this horrible thing. Trust me, it’s horrible. And it’s twice as bad for us,” he told Daily Beast. The reference to the “double” apparently alluded to the profound impact of the bloodshed on both the victims and Garcia’s own family. Ortuño further said, “We also want answers,” stressing the family’s desire to understand the motives behind Garcia’s horrific actions.


Authorities are diligently investigating the incident and have contacted Garcia’s parents and acquaintances, hoping to clarify what led him to commit such a deadly attack. Prior to the attack, Garcia had posted a series of hate messages online targeting various groups, including Jews, women, and people of color. Investigators are also exploring the gunman’s possible affiliation with neo-Nazi organizations and ideologies. At the time of the shooting, he had a patch on his chest that read “RWDS” at the time of the massacre, the letters are believed to stand for “right-wing death squad.”

Garcia had also displayed the same patch on a tactical vest in posts made on social media platforms frequented by extremist groups, where he, too, shared content promoting harm to minorities. In addition, his online activity included approximately two dozen posts related to the mall, including remarks about the busiest times, suggesting a premeditated plan for maximum casualty.

At the moment, investigators have not revealed the precise motive behind the tragic shooting that occurred on Saturday. Additionally, they have yet to shed light on the specific reasons Garcia chose to specifically target the Allen Mall, located approximately 25 miles north of Dallas, where his parents reside.Read More…….


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