Male staff member at Ed Von Tobel Middle School in Las Vegas was shot

NEVADA: A male staff member at Ed Von Tobel High School on N Pecos Road in Las Vegas was shot around 12:30 p.m. The injured man was taken to the hospital and no other injuries were reported. The school has since been cleared, as stated by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. Male staff member at Ed Von Tobel Middle School in Las Vegas was shot.

During a strict lockdown, all doors to a school must be locked and students must hide until they are given permission to leave. According to police, all students at Ed Von Tobel High School have been accounted for, and Clark County School District Police stated that a “controlled release” of the students will take place as parents anxiously awaited the news outside. . Two elementary schools near the high school were also closed.

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Ed Von Tobel Middle School in Las Vegas shooting incident

Authorities are currently searching for the suspect who remains at large, but have assured the public that there is no immediate danger. “This was not an active shooter,” authorities said at a press conference, according to the Daily Mail, explaining that the shooting was an “isolated incident.” The suspect has also not been identified at this time.


Principal Leonardo Amador said in a letter to parents, “The safety of our students is the number one priority at Von Tobel Middle School. As always, we want to keep you informed about important issues happening within our school community. The school has been placed on strict lockdown due to a police investigation. Students are safe in their classroom.”

Monday’s shooting incident was not a surprise due to inadequate school security measures, according to a statement from the Clark County Education Association. The statement read: “Our hearts go out to the adult injured this afternoon in the shooting at Von Tobel Middle School, and we hope for his speedy recovery. We are deeply saddened by this news, but unfortunately, we are not surprised.” The lack of security in our schools is nothing short of a crisis, and with hundreds of deadly weapons seized on CCSD campuses this school year, CCEA has been loud and clear in saying that we believe this situation was a school shooting waiting. to happen”.

“We have been strong and clear that our Governor and our legislators must act urgently to address this crisis in the current legislative session, before an event like the one that happened occurs. We are fortunate that no one was killed in today’s shooting, but we cannot afford to continue inaction, and should not expect to be so lucky next time,” the group continued.


“There are currently two bills before the legislature, AB285 and AB330, that are designed to curb this violence in our schools. Both bills passed the Assembly with overwhelming bipartisan support and are awaiting Senate hearings. We urge swift passage of these bills so that we can finally make sure that every bus, every classroom, and every campus in CCSD is safe, for both our students and staff,” the statement read later.Read More……

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