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MICHIGAN: Makayla Johnson, a 20-year-old woman from Westland, recently claimed that she broke her arm due to the excessive amount of force used during an arrest over a missing cell phone report. However, a body camera recording obtained by Local 4 allegedly showed Johnson resisting arrest. The video shows the woman being arrested and officers asking her to “put her hands on her back.” Shortly after, she was seen falling to the ground and screaming in pain. Makayla Johnson Accused Police Officer for breaking her arm.

Although Johnson claimed that her arm was broken from her fall, the officer involved in the incident claimed that she slipped. Most recently, police said body camera video showed Johnson resisting arrest, Click on Detroit reported. Johnson shared that she initially contacted the police for help getting her things out of her ex-partner’s house. However, she ended up facing criminal charges for a cell phone, which she was supposed to return after she accidentally got mixed up with her belongings.

Makayla Johnson Age

The age of Makayla Johnson is 20 years.


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Makayla Johnson accused police officer for breaking her arm

Johnson accused Westland Police Officer Shamir Garcia of breaking her arm during an arrest. The officer reportedly has a background in MMA and once competed in fights as “Bam Bam” Garcia. The woman said Garcia approached her right after she got out of his vehicle. “He approached me as soon as I got out of the car,” she told Click on Detroit. “I told him: ‘Are you going to search me?’ He said, ‘You’re under arrest,’ and then I’m on the ground screaming in pain,” she added.

The woman claimed that her arm was broken after Garcia grabbed her and she tried to back away. “I heard the snap. It sounded like someone had broken a thick piece of wood,” Johnson shared. “However, I didn’t feel like I fell,” she continued. “I felt like they were throwing me to the ground. I have a bruise on my back that feels like it was her foot or something, and I remember her knees and other things were pressing against my body,” Johnson added. The officer reportedly tried to explain the situation before saying, “I slipped on this mud right here.”

In the aftermath of the incident, Johnson retained attorney Greg Rohl to file a legal complaint against the officer. “You’ve essentially become a cage fighter for at least the last eight years fighting men twice her size handling a 20-year-old woman who snapped her arm like a twig,” Rohl said. Meanwhile, the Westland Police Department addressed the incident by saying that Johnson resisted arrest.


“We are aware of a recent incident in which officers used force against an individual who was actively resisting arrest,” he read in the statement. “The response to the resistance led to an apparent injury to the arm, and paramedics immediately rushed the person to a local hospital,” he continued. “The Westland Police Department conducts a thorough review of any and all resistance response incidents, and this incident is currently under review,” the statement said. Garcia reportedly took days off after the incident and the publication was told investigators would be interviewing him to hear his side of the story from him.Read More…….

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