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A 40-year-old man Joseph Steven Jorgenson is accused of killing his girlfriend, a mother of three, whose dismembered remains were found wrapped in plastic bags and a cooler in a storage unit in Minnesota after she went missing months ago, and police were investigating their connection. to another missing woman.

Joseph S. Jorgenson was charged Friday with one count of second-degree murder in the death of 34-year-old Manijeh “Mani” Starren, in a case in which he could face up to 40 years if convicted, records show. . Law&Crime left a message Saturday for his defense attorney seeking comment.

It is a case that is not for the faint of heart. A probable cause affidavit details the disturbing murder that came to light on May 1 when Starren’s father reported her missing to the Saint Paul Police Department after not hearing from her on April 21.


He told police that she battled drug addiction and mental health issues and that she was supposed to go to a drug treatment center, but she never showed up. She said she seemed paranoid and fearful of a boyfriend named Joe, who once put a noose around her neck when “things got out of hand” and she ran out of her apartment, according to court documents.

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The age of Joseph Steven Jorgenson is 40 year.

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Charges on Joseph Steven Jorgenson

Police found evidence in Starren’s apartment of someone “severely injured or killed” and an apparent attempt by someone “to clean up the blood,” the complaint says. At her apartment, crime scene technicians found large amounts of blood in the living room, mainly on the sofa, the living room floor, and the kitchen.


One bedroom window screen was on the floor, a TV screen was cracked, and the microwave glass was broken. The sheet in her bedroom was partially removed, and a foam pad on top of the mattress had a large hole cut and removed. There were red stains at the foot of the bed, the affidavit said.

Police found surveillance video showing her and Jorgensen outside Starren’s apartment on April 21. Video of her showed her running from her apartment and Jorgenson catching up with her, grabbing her and pushing her back into her apartment, according to the court document.

“Jorgenson is the only one that comes out of that unit, and he never sees Mani again,” said Saint Paul’s Sgt. Mike Ernster said at a press conference on Friday. “He did not report her disappearance to the police. Instead, he went on with her life without telling anyone.” Based on video surveillance, apartment management estimated that the suspect entered her apartment 28 times.


Police trawled through her Facebook history and noted in the affidavit an April 5 post in which he allegedly threatened her with a typo-laden message that read: “You owe me 2 because you called the police twice. Very clear I had it to be punishable by hanging. I am giving you this opportunity according to the prosecution.” Jorgenson later sent another message that read, “I hope you die of a kidney infection u b—- c— terrible f—— mother.”

When a SWAT team raided her apartment Monday, police said she barricaded herself inside it. He allegedly started a fire, fought with the officers and tried to disarm them before being arrested. He faces separate charges of arson, threats of violence and disarming an officer from that incident, records show.

A woman was in the apartment during the police search. She had multiple bruises and scratches, and her neck was red. She told investigators Jorgenson had choked her and threatened to kill her, saying something to the effect of, “The neighbors won’t hear you scream,” she said, according to the affidavit.


At the apartment, police found a large pool of blood in the front closet, where a “foetid odor” was coming from, an odor that “impacted the entire building.” The manager described the smell as that of a dead animal or something that had died,” the affidavit reads.

Blood had soaked through the carpet and carpet pad, and there appeared to be other biological matter on the carpet and “recent worm activity,” according to court documents. Blood was also found in the closet where Jorgenson had tried to start the fire, according to the affidavit. Reviewing data from Jorgenson’s phone, authorities were directed to a storage facility this week.

Once there, investigators picked up a strong odor consistent with rotting meat outside the storage unit. Inside, authorities said they found a green bag of cleaning supplies, a large plastic-wrapped cooler, a blue duffel bag and a small carry-on suitcase. The coolers and the bag had a strong smell of decaying meat.


Using an X-ray machine, the researchers found that the refrigerators contained a human body. “It appeared that there was a torso in the large refrigerator that was removed from the unit,” the complaint states. “Arms and legs appeared to be in the large bag, and a head was in the smaller cooler that was removed from the unit.

The affidavit details the findings: “The torso was extensively wrapped in saran wrap and placed in multiple layers of bags. The next set of remains removed was the head, which was also wrapped in multiple layers of plastic and bags. The third set of remains was then removed from the duffel bag.

The remains consisted of two arms, two thighs, and the remaining parts of the legs and feet that were also wrapped in a large amount of saran wrap. Great care had been taken to wrap the remains. It took a long time for the medical examiner to remove the remains from their wrappings.” The medical examiner had to use tattoos and dental records to confirm his identity, according to the affidavit.A GoFundMe site was set up to raise money for Starren’s funeral.


“April 21 was the first day of the worst two and a half months this family has ever been through,” the site said. “Her three beautiful children have horribly lost the most beautiful person in their lives.” Before her remains were found, her friend Bri Moinicken, who helped organize the fundraiser, told Pioneer Press that she was a dedicated mother.

“The most important thing for her is spending time with her children,” Moinicken said, the newspaper reported. “She has this positivity and patience and kindness that she shows you no matter who you are.”

Police said at Friday’s news conference they were also investigating Jorgensen for the disappearance of 33-year-old Fanta Xayavong, last seen with the suspect in July 2021. “She has a connection to Jorgensen, and to put it bluntly, we are concerned for her safety as well,” Ernster said. Jorgenson’s next court date is August 21.Read More…….


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