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A 27-year-old woman in Maryland will spend less than two decades behind bars after she admitted to killing her 92-year-old roommate and longtime family friend by strangling the elderly artist inside their shared home earlier to assemble the body and spray it with perfume. Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge John M. Maloney on Thursday sentenced Julia Birch to 40 years in prison but suspended 23 years of the term for the 2021 murder of Nancy Ann Frankel, court records show. reviewed by Law&Crime.

Birch pleaded guilty in March to a second-degree charge of strangling Frankel. Birch must also serve five years of supervised probation when she is released and complete 240 hours of community service.

Officers from the Montgomery County Police Department and Montgomery County Fire and Rescue personnel responded to a home around 8:20 a.m. m. on July 28, 2021, in Kensington, Maryland, to a call of a possible homicide. Once there, first responders said Birch immediately admitted to killing Frankel.


Julia Birch Age

The age of Julia Birch is 27 year.

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Charges on Julia Birch

Authorities said evidence recovered from the crime scene matched the story Birch told police about what she did to Frankel. According to a report by CBS affiliate WUSA in Washington, D.C., Birch told investigators that she first tried to suffocate Frankel, an old family friend, by placing and holding a plastic bag over the victim’s head. finger, Birch said she knocked her to the ground and strangled her.

After killing Frankel, Birch, then 26, called 911 and admitted to the murder. She also staged Frankel’s body to appear more “presentable,” crossing her roommate’s arms over her chest, placing a pillow under her head and spraying her remains with perfume, she reported. Montgomery County Media. Birch reportedly said that she tried to place Frankel’s body on her bed, but she was unable to lift the remains from her. An autopsy determined that Frankel’s death was a suffocation homicide, authorities said.


After being examined by a state doctor, authorities said Birch was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder. The doctor reportedly determined that Birch was experiencing psychotic symptoms when she killed Frankel, but stressed that she “still understood that the murder was wrong and she was able to control her behavior to comply with the law.” After her death, authorities confirmed to Law & Crime that Frankel was a renowned local sculptor who practiced her craft for seven decades.

The Katzen Arts Center at American University presented an exhibition in 2019 called “Nancy at Ninety.” “This retrospective of seven decades of the work of the Washington, D.C. sculptress. Nancy Frankel will celebrate her 90th birthday in 2019. Working in various media since the 1950s, including wood, Plexiglas, Hydrocal, designer casting, and steel, Frankel has explored a largely geometric vocabulary, with moments of fantasy, the title of one of the works in this show,” read a description of the event. “In addition to independent three-dimensional works of hers, some of her many graphite drawings and tempera paintings of hers will be represented, as well as a large wall relief.”

Frankel also appeared on a panel to discuss her work. Frankel’s online resume shows that she was active for decades in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia.“I use ‘organic geometry’ to shape my love of nature and architecture. Space, whether encapsulated or activated, and a sense of balance, precarious yet focused, are integral to my work,” read a statement by Frankel about her work.Read More…….


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