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A California mother of three was stabbed to death in front of her children by a man with a history of domestic violence who had an active restraining order against him, according to Golden State police. Rodrigo Bravo, 32, was arrested on one count of murder, child endangerment, violating probation and violating a restraining order, according to a news release issued by the Salinas Police Department.

Salinas is the county seat of Monterey County in Northern California. On Sunday afternoon, SPD officers arrived at a residence on Natividad Road in the neighborhood of the same name. The victim, Eleni Tavau, 30, was found stabbed multiple times. Police said hers “two young children of hers were present when officers arrived.”

Responding officers performed CPR on the dying woman before she “was transported in critical condition to a local hospital, where she died of her injuries,” the police department said. A resulting investigation determined that Tavau had an active restraining order against Bravo, the father of her young children, San Francisco-based MyNetworkTV affiliate KRON reported. A GoFundMe from the victim’s family aims to return the deceased woman’s body to her ancestral home.


Rodrigo Bravo Age

The age of Rodrigo Bravo is 32 year.

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Rodrigo Bravo accused of killing wife

“My sister Eleni Tavau was stabbed to death by the father of her children,” wrote Alex Carr, the deceased woman’s younger brother. She “she left behind three beautiful children. Our goal is to give him a proper burial in Samoa. Any donation would help a lot.” At 5:30 p.m. m. On Sunday, the defendant turned himself in to police, after reportedly reporting for the first time at the county jail.

As the man entered the jail lobby, he spoke to a staff member working the front desk,” a Monterey County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson told local CBS/Fox/Telemundo affiliate KION. “There is conflicting information about what was said in that conversation. There is also conflicting information about his physical appearance and behavior while he was in the lobby. After several minutes, he left the premises. The defendant appeared in court on Wednesday, the television channel later reported.


During his arraignment, he pleaded not guilty to six felony counts, including one count of second-degree murder, two counts of causing great bodily harm to a child, and one count of violating a domestic violence restraining order ordered by a court, assault likely to cause serious bodily injury, and inflicting bodily injury on a spouse/domestic partner.

Court documents obtained by KION allege that Bravo used a knife to kill the mother of his two children. The defendant was previously convicted of wounding Tavau and violating a court order within the past year, those documents say. The active restraining order against Bravo was issued in November 2021.

“It was a domestic violence restraining order, so when that happens, they have been convicted of a domestic violence crime, and that is the only way to get a domestic violence restraining order,” the officer told KION. SPD public information, Brian Johnson. Police said the young children who witnessed the murder of his mother were a 2-year-old boy and a 1-year-old girl.


“We were on the phone, she was telling me how she just broke up with him,” Carr told KION. “She was telling me that she wanted to move here to Reno, Nevada, and be with me, bring her children here.” Bravo’s bail was set at just over $1 million. The defendant is scheduled to return to court on July 26.Read More…..

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