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Texas police have identified a person of interest in the strangulation and sexual assault murder of Maria Gonzalez, an 11-year-old girl who was found dead last Sunday in a laundry basket under a bed. “Although we continue to match through multiple pieces of evidence, including digital media, no arrests have been made; however, “Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez, 18, the identified person of interest, “resides in the same apartment complex where the victim was found, but has since left,” the Pasadena Police Department said in a statement. an update on the investigation on Friday.

At a news conference Friday afternoon, police said they had obtained Garcia-Rodriguez’s DNA last week and are awaiting forensic lab results. Garcia-Rodriguez was last seen at 4 p.m. on Monday and his current whereabouts are unknown. He had been living in the apartment complex for the past three to four weeks, police said.

As news of the gruesome case broke, it was revealed that Maria’s father, Carmelo Gonzalez, found her dead under a bed in the Main Village apartment complex where the two have lived for the past three months. Police said the father had an alibi that was verified and he was not considered a suspect.


Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez Age

The age of Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez is 18 year.

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Charges on Juan Carlos Garcia-Rodriguez

Police said Carmelo González left the apartment around 10 a.m. Saturday. to go to work and kept in touch with his daughter through text messages. The girl reportedly said in a message to her father that a person was at the door of the apartment and was knocking. “I told her not to open the door because I’m getting to work, and she replied that I’m in my bed,” González said, according to Fox 26.

According to González, speaking in Spanish in an interview with KTRK, he asked family members who also lived in the apartment complex to check on Maria, but those family members did not see or hear anything at the scene (according to reports). the girl’s mother reportedly lives in Guatemala). The father reportedly said that he came home five hours after receiving the text about the person knocking on the door.


After that, he made the shocking discovery of his dead daughter in a plastic bag in a laundry basket under her bed. “Unfortunately they left her under the bed in a plastic bag, they left my poor daughter,” González told Fox 26.

“While investigators were pressing the crime scene, a single key was located inside the apartment and collected as evidence. This key has since been processed by our crime scene investigators and was not found to open any doors at the victim’s residence,” police said. “Our investigators also confirmed that the young woman’s body was found inside a plastic garbage bag that was placed inside a laundry basket and hidden under a bed inside the house.” Police confirmed that Garcia-Rodriguez is from Guatemala and was in the United States illegally. Garcia-Rodriguez entered the US as a minor in January through El Paso, police said.

Law&Crime contacted DHS for comment. Noting that there is a Crime Stoppers reward of up to $5,000 for tips leading to the eventual capture of a suspect, whoever he or she may be, Pasadena police stated that “[a]ll employees of the apartment complexes, including the maintenance personnel, have fully cooperated with our investigation and at this time do not appear to be involved.”


Earlier this week, Pasadena Police Chief Josh Bruegger tried to reassure Pasadena’s undocumented immigrants who may be hesitant to come forward for fear of deportation. “I am here to tell you the immigration status in a case like this, that is neither here nor there. The important thing is to solve this case and make the community safe,” Bruegger said.Read More…..

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