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Judith Ann Neelley and her husband kidnapped 13-year-old Lisa Ann Millican from a Georgia mall and took her to a motel where the girl was repeatedly raped, injected with drain cleaner, and shot in the head. The Alabama woman a prosecutor said she “murdered for sport” in 1982 is on parole next week.

Judith Ann Neelley Age

The age of Judith Ann Neelley is 59 years.

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Charges on Judith Neelley

Judith  Neelley, 59, was convicted four decades ago of kidnapping and murdering Lisa Ann Millican, a 13-year-old Georgia girl. Neelley will meet with the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles on May 25, reports. She was last paroled in May 2018, and the parole board only debated for a minute before denying her, AL release. com reported at the time.


Neelley and her husband Alvin Neelley abducted Millican from a mall in Rome, Georgia, and took her to a motel where the girl was repeatedly raped, injected with drain cleaner, and shot in the head before being thrown into a cannon, Rome-News. Tribune reports.

According to, at Neelley’s 2018 parole hearing, former District Attorney Mike O’Dell spoke before the board. “I’ve been processing for 38 years,” he said. “I’ve probably prosecuted over 200 murder defendants. I’ve never prosecuted another defendant who murdered for sport. He loved to kill.”

The month after Millican’s death, Neelley approached a couple, John Hancock and Janice Chatman, and invited them to a party, the Rome-News Tribune reports. When the couple agreed, the three met Neelley’s husband again. Neelley shot Hancock, but he survived to tell the story and lead the police to the Neelleys.


But Chatman was killed. Alvin and Neelley were convicted of the murders of Chatman and Millican. Neelley was originally sentenced to death, reports, but a former governor commuted her sentence to life in prison. Alvin died in prison in 2005.Read More…..

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