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13-year-old boy made a joke about his younger friend’s mother, then that friend told him to shut up, according to local news reports in Pennsylvania. Authorities said the teen responded by shooting to death his 12-year-old friend Kain Heiland. Pennsylvania State Troopers were called to a street in Red Lion around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, April 1, according to a press release. When they arrived, they found a boy dead from a gunshot wound.

Police later identified the boy as Kain Heiland, WHTM reported. Investigators discovered that Kain was with two other friends at the time of his death, according to WHP. One child was the shooter and the other was a witness.

Kain Heiland Age

The age of Kain Heiland was 12 years.


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Kain Heiland was killed teen friend

The witness told police that he and his friends were walking when the suspected shooter suggested going to his house, WGAL reported. The 13-year-old boy entered his house and then returned with a gun. At some point after getting the gun, the teen made a joke about Kain’s mother, according to court records obtained by WHP. The witness said Kain told his friend to “shut up,” then was fatally shot “at point blank range.”

“(Kain) was spending the night at a friend’s house and a nightmare happened,” a family friend said on a GoFundMe. After seeing Kain not move, the witness said he and the other boy went home, WHP reported. The witness told his mother what happened, then they called the police. Authorities found a .380 casing near the boy’s body, WGAL reported.

Investigators interviewed the father of the 13-year-old boy, who said he had a gun safe and a .380-caliber firearm, according to WGAL. He found the gun in his safe when he returned home from the shooting. Police have not filed any charges as of April 4, WHTM reported. An investigation is ongoing.


“I’ve watched Kain grow all these years since he was a baby,” Laurel McDonald said on Facebook. “It’s evident how loved he was. I can’t even comprehend the pain his parents, step-parents and siblings are enduring. Let’s give them lots of love and support. This should not have happened, no one should have to bury her child, and justice will be served for this tragedy…”Read More……

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