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Three Milwaukee adults have reportedly been charged in the gruesome death of a 4-year-old girl Kaliyah King died earlier this month after suffering a traumatic brain injury following repeated abuse.

Winston L. Chambers, 29; His girlfriend, Princess M Arredondo, 29, and her mother, Corinne L Beechtree, 56, were arrested earlier this week for allegedly committing “long-standing abuse” at Kaliyah King, who was just 4 years.

Kaliyah was pronounced dead on December 18 at Children’s. Wisconsin after his brain showed no signs of activity, Milwaukee County prosecutors said in a criminal complaint, according to JSOnline.


Prosecutors claimed Kaliyah lived with Chambers and Arredondo in her duplex because her birth mother was homeless and unable to care for her.

Kaliyah was rushed to the hospital with a “severe traumatic brain injury with subdural hemorrhage on the right side of her head” on Dec. 16 when Chambers called 911 to report her injuries. Prosecutors claimed that when Kaliyah was taken to the hospital, she was unconscious with bruises on her face, arm and head.

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At the initial investigation, Chambers reportedly told police that Kaliyah “slipped on some ice” when a reckless vehicle passed them as they were getting off a bus.

The police revealed that she even provided a false name. , date of birth and address in the hospital. Surveillance camera footage from nearby businesses did not show any collisions. According to a court document, Chambers also claimed that the boy had vomited on December 15, after falling from a bed.


Chambers’ mother, Beechtree, initially told police Arredondo told her a reckless driver hit Kaliyah, but she didn’t see her until she was taken to an ambulance.

But text conversations between Beechtree and Arredondo allegedly showed that Beechtree was aware of the victim’s horrific injuries, but she did nothing to help her. She also told police that Kaliyah kicked Chambers in the face when he scolded her.

In a separate interview, Arredondo allegedly told police that he forced Kaliyah and the other two children in the home to stand on the corner for 15 to 30 minutes with their hands above their heads on December 16, JS Online reported.


He also added that Kaliyah later complained that her stomach hurt, so she stayed home while Chambers dropped the other kids off at school. But when Chambers returned, he took her to her bedroom and beat her up. Arredondo noted that he found the girl unconscious with a bruise over her right eye after Chambers left.

Chambers’ Internet history from that period also included disturbing searches including “hidden doctors” and “how to wake an unconscious person.”

Another seven-year-old boy who lived in the house told investigators that “Winston did it.” The boy claimed that Chambers regularly punched, kicked and punched Kaliyah and sometimes even used a belt and broom handle to beat her.


Chambers has been charged with first degree manslaughter; repeated acts of physical abuse of a child, causing death; and neglecting a child by not seeking medical attention, resulting in death.

While Arredondo is also charged with neglecting a child by failing to seek medical attention, resulting in death; and chronic neglect of a child by repeatedly failing to protect Kaliyah, Beechtree faces charges including neglect of a child by failing to seek medical attention, resulting in death, as part of the crime. All three are being held at the Milwaukee County Jail.Read More….

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