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Shocking revelations have emerged about the firing of a Comal County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) sergeant and deputy earlier this year, following their involvement in a sexual relationship they initially lied about in internal affairs. Personnel records obtained by KSAT shed light on the circumstances that led to the firing of Sergeant Kellie Metz and the subsequent departure of Deputy Patrick Byrne, both of whom did not disclose their inappropriate relationship with CCSO management.

Sergeant Kellie Metz, a dedicated officer with nearly six years of service with the CCSO, was officially fired Jan. 19 for a series of rule violations, including violations of professional conduct, employee fraternization and misuse of body cameras.

Deputy Patrick Byrne, who had been with the agency for two years, left the same day. The Somerset Police Department, Byrne’s later employer, revealed that he was fired from CCSO for being dishonest when initially questioned by internal affairs investigators about the nature of the relationship.


The personnel records were released by CCSO officials earlier this summer following an order from the Texas Attorney General’s Office. The investigation into Metz and Byrne’s relationship was launched by CCSO in early December after rumors of their encounters while on duty began to circulate.

Kellie Metz Age

The age of Kellie Metz is not declared.

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Charges on Kellie Metz

In May 2022, a suspect identified as David Brakhage informed officers that he had observed Byrne’s patrol vehicle parked near Metz’s patrol vehicle in the parking lot of the Antler Cafe, a popular chicken fried steak restaurant north of San Anthony. Brakhage claimed that he “heard moans of sexual gratification coming from the area of the patrol units.” The incident resulted in Brakhage being charged with criminal mischief after he threw a rock at the windshield of Byrne’s vehicle. However, neither Byrne nor Metz reported the damage to CCSO and neither was found to have activated their body cameras during the incident. Brakhage was later cleared of any criminal wrongdoing related to the windshield incident when a non-prosecution affidavit was filed in his case on January 12.


During separate questioning by investigators, both Byrne and Metz initially denied engaging in sexual activity while on duty. Metz claimed that she was simply instructing Byrne about felony traffic stops. However, an internal affairs investigator highlighted the seriousness of the situation to Metz, stating that the allegations had grown from a minor incident to a major scandal. “See how things just don’t look good, when he goes to a little indictment now it opens up a big can of worms? It doesn’t look good,” they reportedly said.

In early January, Metz acknowledged during a recorded interview that she and Byrne had been intimate at her residence twice between October and November 2020. Surprisingly, despite being a supervisor within the agency, Metz admitted to not reporting the relationship to the agency. CCSO management, claiming that “the two meetings were isolated meetings and there was no intention to move forward.”

Byrne, during her cross-examination, initially denied any intimate relationship with Metz, but eventually amended her statement and admitted the relationship, records show. Of note, the sexual encounters occurred while Metz was in a supervisory position and shortly after Byrne joined the agency, as corroborated by his LinkedIn page and state law enforcement records. Several fellow MPs, when interviewed by internal affairs, revealed that they became aware of the relationship after Byrne bragged about Metz’s sexual prowess during a barbecue. Two deputies even repeated a vulgar phrase used by Byrne to describe Metz’s abilities to perform a specific sexual act, as detailed in the records.


Byrne later revealed to investigators that she met with Metz in late December and briefed him on the ongoing internal affairs investigation. She claimed that Metz asked her not to be truthful in her responses. “I’m not going to lie. I want to keep my job,” Byrne said in an audio statement recorded after her meeting, as she expressed her desire to cooperate with investigators.

Metz was confronted by an investigator on January 4, who expressed disappointment, describing the situation as a “sad state of affairs” after Byrne directly implicated her in their discussions. “She has gone to the tape and is pointing the finger at you directly. This is just a sad state of affairs,” the researcher told Metz. She eventually admitted to speaking to Byrne about the internal affairs investigation, stating that she felt attacked and that she had tried to shield Byrne from possible repercussions. After her departure from her CCSO in January, Byrne obtained employment as a reserve officer with the Somerset Police Department in early March, according to police records.Read More…….

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