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A California woman is facing murder charges after her baby died during a home birth. Kelsey Carpenter, 33, was charged with murder and child endangerment after her newborn Kiera died during a home birth in 2020, The Guardian reported. Ms Carpenter, who was alone when her water broke two weeks before her due date, allegedly cut the umbilical cord and attempted to breastfeed Kiera before passing out.

When she woke up, she realized Kiera was not breathing and called 911. San Diego prosecutors are now preparing a case against the mother of three, who lost custody of her other two children due to drug use in last.

Kelsey Carpenter Age

The age of Kelsey Carpenter is 33 years.


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Kelsey Carpenter facing murder charges

After regaining custody of her youngest child and becoming pregnant with Kiera, Ms. Carpenter sought treatment at a facility, where she was prescribed buprenorphine for withdrawal symptoms. An autopsy determined that Kiera’s death was an accident “associated with exposure to methamphetamine and buprenorphine and unsupervised childbirth.”

Experts retained by Ms. Carpenter’s defense argue that Kiera died as a result of blood loss before or after her birth. Her lawyers are also citing a state bill that exempts people from being charged for decisions they make during pregnancy if the result is an abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth. Following the tragedy, Ms Carpenter was questioned after being briefly treated at a hospital. She was charged with murder and arrested in March 2021 before being released on bail. She was detained again in January after failing to appear in court.

“I am still stunned and horrified that a person could have the greatest tragedy of their life and lose a child they loved and wanted so much, and then be charged with such a horrible crime,” she told The Guardian via text message. from jail. . “I cherished the idea of this baby and was totally committed to becoming the best mother I knew how to be. I cry every day for Kiera.”


Ms Carpenter’s mother, who has custody of Ms Carpenter’s eldest son, says prosecutors and the media incorrectly portrayed her daughter’s story, prompting a wave of harassment and threats.Read More…..

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