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A man fatally shot his ex-girlfriend in front of their eight-year-old daughter before turning the gun on himself in a shocking murder-suicide outside Texas Children’s Hospital.

The disturbing incident reportedly took place shortly after 2 p.m. on Sunday, December 4, when the duo and the child arrived in a car at the Houston medical center. Authorities found Kenia Osorio, 32, shot to death inside the vehicle, next to the body of her boyfriend, who has not been identified. Meanwhile, Osorio’s eight-year-old daughter was uninjured in her back seat.

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The age of Kenia Osorio was 32 years.


Kenia Osorio,Shot dead in front of 8-year-old daughter

“I can only imagine what the boy is going through,” HPD Deputy Chief Ban Tien said on Sunday, according to KHOU 11. Meanwhile, Osorio’s family members told ABC 13 that the boyfriend was “obsessed “at the victim and angry that she was making amends with her husband and wanted to get back together. “As far as we know, he became very obsessed because she decided to fix things with her husband and go back to him,” Osorio’s heartbroken brother, Carlos Rivera, told the station.

Osorio and the man were reportedly visiting the hospital to seek medical attention for her daughter, according to a preliminary investigation. When the couple pulled into the West Campus parking lot, the man allegedly shot Osorio as she tried to get out of the vehicle. He subsequently pointed the gun at himself in the front passenger seat. Police said the victim’s daughter was found sitting in the back seat and was not physically injured. “Everything happened in front of my niece. I’m sure it’s hard for her to deal with it,” Rivera said.

Osorio’s relatives said that she was married but that she was divorcing her husband. She started dating the gunman a few months ago. The family said they only saw the man once before Sunday’s shooting and had not heard from him. They were also not aware of any other domestic violence issues prior to the incident. However, they said that Osorio and her ex-spouse had recently decided to get back together and save the marriage for the sake of her two children. His daughter and her son are now in the care of their devastated father.


My point is that only God knows why these things happen, even though we are emotionally hurt now,” Rivera said. “In the end, love will always drive out fear. be one more number for the statistics”, he said, “that this is something to wake up and reflect on, to be closer to your loved ones and take advantage of every minute you are with them because you never know when it will be the last time you see them” .

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