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“It sounds like you’re not the same person I spoke to this morning,” a school superintendent told a third-grade teacher who allegedly had more than enough to drink during an interim period, possibly while at work, and the first day. from school on that. Kimberly Coates, 53, is charged with one count of public intoxication for the alcohol-induced incident that occurred in Oklahoma on Thursday, Aug. 17, according to the Perkins Police Department.

Described as “out of character” and “acting weird” by management, law enforcement quickly arrived to deal with the admitted heavy drinker. Coates allegedly told police that she drank half a case of wine until around 3:00 a.m. that same morning. The school day at Perkins-Tryon Middle School begins at 8:25 a.m. The department released body camera footage Tuesday documenting some of the interactions between the allegedly drunk teacher, her employer and local police.

“School administration contacted our school resource officer,” PPD Sgt. Spencer Gedon said in comments reported by Oklahoma City-based NBC affiliate KFOR last week. “Every time she would get there, she would see some signs that maybe she was disabled.” In the police report obtained by Stillwater News Press, the school resource officer writes: “I noticed Kimberly’s eyes were red and watery and she was slurring and speaking. Kimberly had a hard time completing the sentences.”


Kimberly Coates Age

The age of Kimberly Coates is 53 year.

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Charges on Kimberly Coates

In footage obtained by Law & Crime, Coates appears to excuse her allegedly deteriorating behavior by saying that she takes medication for anxiety. Afterwards, she agrees to take a field sobriety test of sorts. The results of the specific test, called the Preliminary Breath Test, considered less accurate than the actual breathalyzer machine, allegedly showed that the professor had a blood alcohol content of 0.24.

“She failed a 0.24 on the PBT and as for a DUI, the legal limit is 0.08,” Gedon told KFOR. However, Coates was not driving and she was booked into the Payne County Jail for a relatively minor offense. According to a press release issued by the city of Perkins, she was arrested “on the anticipated District Court charge of public intoxication.” “It’s not just one drink and you’re there,” the sergeant added in comments to local CBS affiliate KWTV. “There are several drinks.”


According to police, Ella Coates would later admit to drinking late the night before and the next morning on her way to work, but the defendant insisted that she had not actually drunk anything on school property. Research suggested otherwise. Superintendent Doug Ogle supervised Coates as she collected her things. He then he noticed a cup that apparently reeked of alcohol. “No more games, right?” Ogle can be heard questioning the teacher in the body cam footage. “What’s in it?”

To which she replies: “My juice.” The school resource officer sniffs the cup and disagrees: “Do you want to try again? That there is wine”. The teacher replies that the smell is from before. “Kimberly said that she drank from that cup yesterday and not today,” the initial police report states. But, the officer wrote in his initial report, the blue cup still had red liquid in it at the time.

“He determined that she was under the influence of alcohol, blew on a PBT and confirmed that she had alcohol in her system,” Gedon explained in comments to local ABC affiliate KOCO. “The school got down to business quickly. As soon as there was a concern for that teacher, they jumped into action and did what they had to do, and they were doing everything they could to make sure everyone was safe at school.” The school district later issued a statement referring to the “personnel issue” and seeking to assure parents of the safety of their children. Coates is no longer incarcerated as of this writing. It is unclear if or when formal charges will be filed.Read More………..


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