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BELGRADE, Serbia — Kosta Kecmanovic a teenager who opened fire at his school Wednesday drew sketches of classrooms and wrote a list of people he intended to attack, police said. He killed eight fellow students and a school guard before being arrested.

The father of a student at the school in central Belgrade said the shooter entered her daughter’s classroom and shot her teacher and then her classmates as they hid under the her desks. Most of the students were able to flee through a back door, according to a local official. Senior police officer Veselin Milic said the shooter drew sketches of classrooms and wrote a list of children he planned to “finish off” in an attack he planned for a month.

Kosta Kecmanovic Age

The age of Kosta Kecmanovic is 14 years.


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Kosta Kecmanovic accused of shooting 8 School fellows

Milic said that Kosta Kecmanovic called the police when the attack ended. Earlier, police said Kecmanovic was a student at Vladislav Ribnikar school and was born in 2009. They said he used his father’s gun. Six more children and a teacher were also hospitalized in the attack.

Local media footage showed a commotion as police removed Kecmanovic, whose head was covered as officers led him to a car. The police cordoned off the blocks around Vladislav Ribnikar, which is what is known as a primary school, whose students are usually between the ages of 6 and 15. Authorities then brought body bags to a waiting van.

Mass shootings are extremely rare in Serbia and the wider Balkan region; none were reported in schools in recent years. In the latest mass shooting, a 2013 Balkan War veteran killed 13 people in a central Serbian village.


Experts, however, have repeatedly warned about the danger posed by the large number of weapons in the country after the wars of the 1990s. They also point to decades of instability stemming from the conflicts, as well as economic difficulties in course, could trigger such outbursts. Police said they received a call about the shooting around 8:40 a.m. the first day classes resumed after a long weekend for the May 1 holiday.Read More…….

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