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A Nevada woman who admitted to hiring an internet hit man for $5,000 in bitcoin to kill her ex-husband “and make it look like an accident” has been sentenced to five years in prison. Kristy Lynn Felkins, 38, of Fallon, Nevada, pleaded guilty in March to one count of murder-for-hire as part of a deal with federal prosecutors that avoided trial, court records show. A US district court judge in California also ordered Thursday that Felkins be released under her supervision for three years after she completes her prison sentence.

Kristy Lynn Felkins Age

The age of Kristy Lynn Felkins is 38 year.

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Charges on Kristy Lynn Felkins

Felkins began contacting someone in 2016 on a dark web hitman website that claimed to offer assassination-for-hire services, according to her September 2020 indictment. Felkins wanted her ex-husband killed while traveling through Chico, California, according to the indictment. Authorities described the website as a scam that simply took money from unsuspecting customers.


In a guilty plea entered into the court docket as part of her plea agreement, Felkins said she offered to pay an additional $4,000 to speed up the timeline of the murder plot in March 2016. She also admitted saying she “didn’t care” if her ex-husband’s new girlfriend “got hurt during the murder.”

Felkins said she expected to receive a large life insurance payout after her ex-husband’s death, which she requested to make it look like an accident. According to her statement, she asked the alleged hit man if it was “possible to make it look like a mugging gone wrong.” Felkins, who has been out of custody, was ordered to turn himself in in September to begin serving his prison sentence.Read More………

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