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When the opportunity presented itself, Landon Maloberti belted out his favorite country songs. He loved playing with monster trucks and had an affinity for pickles. The 5-year-old boy was beaten to death earlier this year by his adoptive parents, criminal investigators allege, in what one of Landon’s doctors later told police was a “diagnosis of torture.” . Investigators say the boy’s brain was “erased” and displaced inside his skull by the repeated beatings, according to criminal complaints filed Thursday in a Pennsylvania court and reviewed by PEOPLE.

The beatings “caused substantial pain at the time inflicted,” according to the complaints, which said they were so severe that by the end of his life, Landon was unable to eat, drink or stand. Both adoptive parents, Lauren and Jacob Maloberti, are charged with criminal manslaughter, endangering the welfare of children, two counts of aggravated assault of a child and criminal conspiracy, according to a joint statement from the New York County district attorney’s office. Westmoreland and the Delmont Police Department. . Lauren Maloberti is also charged with first degree murder.

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The age of Landon Maloberti was 4 year.


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The couple, who have been under investigation for serious child abuse since January, were arrested Thursday, police confirmed. “In the 25 years that I have worked for the Delmont Police Department, we have never dealt with an incident like this,” said Delmont Police Chief T.J. Klobucar said in a statement.

The Malobertis are being held at the Westmoreland County Jail without bail, Melanie Jones, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office, confirmed to PEOPLE. The web files do not include attorneys for any of the Malobertis. They have not yet submitted statements.

In a police interview with one of Landon’s brothers, identified by his initials K.D., his brother said Landon was forced to sleep on the living room floor and his parents watched him with a camera. Landon was also allegedly the only one of six children routinely spanked by parents, with an open hand or a wooden spoon, because Landon “doesn’t learn his lesson,” the brother told police, adding that his The mother allegedly “gets angrier” while punching Landon. Sometimes, the parents used a spray bottle to spray liquid on the boy, the brother alleged to authorities.


The couple often “repeatedly” expressed “their disdain for Landon” in text messages about the 5-year-old boy, investigators alleged in the criminal complaints. In an alleged exchange, Lauren Maloberti said that she was going to kill her child. In conversations with former co-workers, she “used the word ‘hate'” to describe her feelings toward the 5-year-old, investigators later alleged, adding that she complained that her adopted son was “difficult to love.” because he was so difficult and it was a constant fight,” according to the complaints.

As of April 2022, Lauren Maloberti had forbidden Landon’s biological grandmother from seeing Landon because he was acting out and was jealous that Landon told the grandmother he loved her and didn’t tell her the same, according to the allegations. penalties. Landon had a history of mistreatment by caregivers prior to his adoption, police said, but both police and the district attorney’s office declined to discuss that history. District Attorney Nicole W. Ziccarelli also refused at a Friday news conference recorded by ABC affiliate 4WTAE to answer questions about the well-being of Landon’s five siblings, saying she wanted to “respect their privacy.”

Despite Landon showing signs of illness in late January (he lost consciousness and vomited), Lauren Maloberti allegedly waited an entire day before taking him to the hospital, and the delay was detrimental to his health, according to criminal complaints. Before heading to the hospital on Jan. 30, Landon’s parents washed vomit from Landon’s unconscious body, according to criminal complaints. At the hospital that day, around 6:30 p.m. m., Lauren Maloberti named her son Landon Ellenberger, her name before adoption. In front of the hospital staff, she worried aloud that she would be blamed for her son’s injuries and she blamed her condition on repeated falls due to COVID.


According to the complaints, investigators “observed the numerous bruises that covered Landon’s body,” including one in the form of fingers gripping Landon by the armpit. They also noted “severe and significant bruising” all over his body and a cut over his left eye. The next day, Landon had no brain activity. Investigators found children’s and adult clothing, as well as “damp from vomit” towels at the Maloberti home. In addition, the camera used to monitor Landon had been ripped from the wall, and investigators allege that Jacob Maloberti, a corrections officer with Fayette State Correctional Institution, removed the camera amid police interviews at the hospital, according to the complaints. penalties.

Landon succumbed to his injuries at the hospital on February 7, about a week after his mother brought him there. Autopsy and medical examiner’s reports cited in the criminal complaints say Landon died by homicide, caused by blunt force trauma to the head, torso and extremities.

While Landon was in the hospital, the Malobertis created a GoFundMe campaign to raise money after “our precious baby boy was unresponsive,” TribLive reported. The fundraising campaign, which raised about $5,200, has since been removed. “The outcome doesn’t look good…we have to prepare for the most unimaginable outcome…our baby’s funeral,” the couple had written on the GoFundMe page. “I don’t have much more to say as my heart is breaking into a million pieces right now.”


The district attorney’s office is investigating the GoFundMe page, Ziccarelli said at a news conference Friday. “Today we are here seeking justice for him to give him the dignity and honor he deserves,” Ziccarelli said, calling Landon’s death a “tragic case” and “disturbing.”Read More……..

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