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An Ohio police department has opened an investigation after footage showed an officer repeatedly beating an unarmed black woman Latinka Hancock after a dispute over a McDonald’s order. Butler Township Police Sergeant Todd Stanley can be seen in the video, which was presumably recorded by a bystander, struggling with the woman and punching her in the face at least three times on Monday, January 16, 2023.

The woman, later identified as Latinka Hancock, was detained by Stanley and his co-worker. As criticism of the incident mounted, it became clear that the incident involving Hancock had preceded a dispute at a McDonald’s. She reportedly returned to the restaurant to argue with the workers because she was irate over an incorrect order. “She’s mad about a $.30 piece of cheese,” the person she called told dispatchers, according to WHIO-TV.

Since the news broke, the terrifying images have gone viral. According to the footage, Hancock can be heard chatting with the officers as she tries to lead them away. Tim Zellers, the officer on the left, appears to be pointing a taser at Hancock.


Stanley, the policeman on the right, holds her arm and shoulder. Stanley punches Hancock in the face repeatedly as she waves her hands, causing her to fall back onto the hood of the police car. The cops then pin the woman against the vehicle while Zellers handcuffs her.

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“We are aware of bystander video circulating on Facebook regarding an incident that occurred on January 16, 2023, involving two of our officers,” the department posted on Facebook, adding: “This incident is currently under investigation in accordance with departmental policies and procedures, such as when force is used in an arrest.”


John Porter, chief of the Butler Township Police Department in the northern suburbs of Dayton, promised at a news conference Wednesday that an impartial investigation would take place. He said the 22-year veteran police officer had been placed on administrative leave. He also claimed that Hancock was resisting police attempts to arrest her for trespassing.

“We take these incidents very seriously and we are looking into them and we are going to conduct a thorough investigation,” he said, vowing to release all police body camera footage. “We are going to go as deep as we can into this. As I said, if there are indications of wrongdoing and against our policy, we will definitely take formal action,” he added.

Meanwhile, social media users lashed out at police for using excessive force against a person of color. “As long as we DON’T UNITE! And fight collectively, this will continue to be the norm…” wrote one user on Facebook. One user on Twitter said: “How are they allowed to get away with this behavior? This is not shield and serve their assault! No matter how belligerent you are being, it does not justify repeatedly punching you in the face! Both officers should be arrested and forced 2 to explain themselves to justice!” “This is barbaric and should NEVER happen!” commented a user on Facebook. Another user wrote: “Awful. It makes me mad and sick. No one ever deserves that.”Read More….


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