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Lawana Mekell Sharpe a former Florida corrections officer is facing more than 70 criminal charges for allegedly having sex with an inmate, smuggling prison contraband and accepting more than $12,000 in electronic payments, according to court documents.

Lawana Mekell Sharpe, who worked at the Graceville Correctional Center for approximately four years, was arrested earlier this month and charged with two counts of sexual misconduct, two counts of conspiracy to introduce contraband and 67 counts of unlawful compensation or reward. for behavior, they show court documents.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Sharpe’s investigation began on September 30, after employees performing a routine check on JPay, the prison’s inmate payment and communication system, discovered a strange discrepancy in an inmate’s account.


Investigators say they found “what appeared to be a fictitious J-pay [sic] account by the name of ‘Candy Williams’ sending [redacted] messages from inmates.”

“Upon further investigation of Candy Williams’ account, it was discovered that the account information contained in Candy Williams’ J-pay account was linked to Sergeant Sharpe,” the affidavit reads.

Lawana Mekell Sharpe Age

The age of Lawana Mekell Sharpe is not known.


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Lawana Mekell Sharpe Accused of Having Sex with an Inmate

A week later, it was alleged that Sharpe had been involved in a sexual relationship with an inmate, and the Florida Department of Corrections’ Office of Inspector General launched an investigation.

When interviewed by investigators, the inmate, whose name was redacted from the affidavit, said he knew Sharpe in his first few months at the facility and that she provided him with her personal cell phone number, according to police.

He also reported that she had communicated with Sharpe on the recorded inmate’s phone, a contraband cell phone and through the Facebook messaging app.


“According to the [redacted] inmate, he and Sergeant Sharpe’s relationship escalated to the point that he and Sergeant Sharpe began having sexual relations while in Dorm B,” the affidavit reads. “The inmate [redacted] advised that Sergeant Sharpe would perform oral sex on her every night she worked. Inmate [redacted] and Sergeant Sharpe had vaginal intercourse 5 or 6 times in different areas of Dorm B.”

In an interrogation under oath with investigators, Sharpe allegedly admitted to creating the fictitious Candy Williams JPay account “for the sole purpose of not being detected by staff” by communicating with the inmate, using her personal cell phone number and physical address. of his brother, the researchers wrote. .

Sharpe also allegedly confessed to having a sexual relationship with the inmate, although his account of the frequency with which such interactions occurred differed from what the inmate allegedly told police.


He allegedly told investigators that he performed oral sex on the inmate twice, once in a room with a kiosk and another time at an officer’s station, according to the affidavit. He allegedly said that they never had vaginal intercourse.

Sharpe also allegedly said that he once hid 305 cellophane-wrapped cigarettes in his panties and again smuggled 305 cigarettes into his vagina, according to court documents. She hid the contraband among cleaning supplies used by inmates, investigators said.

A subpoena for Sharpe’s Cash app account allegedly showed that, between January and October 2021, he received 67 separate electronic payments totaling $12,160 from eight different accounts, all of whom were identified as inmates, inmate family members, or associates. inmate acquaintances.Read More….


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