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An Oakland woman reported missing nearly eight years ago has been found apparently unharmed, according to the Oakland Police Department. Lisa Hu approached the local police stating that she was never missing and that she was unaware that any missing status report had been filed for her, police said.

“Someone reported her missing, but she wasn’t actually missing at all. If someone is reported missing, we are required by law to follow up and try to locate them,” a spokesperson for the New York City Police Department told PEOPLE. Oakland.

Lisa Hu Age

The age of Lisa Hu is 31 year.


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Lisa Hu missing

Hu, 31, was first reported missing on December 8, 2015. Oakland police did not disclose to PEOPLE who filed the initial report. At the time the missing person’s report was filed, Hu was in his early 20s. She was last seen in the 900 block of 34th Street in the Hoover-Foster neighborhood of Oakland, located in the Bay Area of Northern California.

Her family stated at the time of her disappearance that she was in good physical and mental condition, reports CBS News. According to the Oakland Police Department representative, Hu’s missing person report was “considered an ongoing missing person case, which is why we are ruling it out to obtain more leads.” While it is not known how Hu discovered that she was on the missing persons list, “she later came forward and notified the department that she was not missing,” the Oakland police spokesman said.

Authorities have since removed Hu from the missing persons list after she was identified and confirmed safe, police said. While local authorities would not share where Hu has been for the past eight years, they did confirm that she was not harmed or held captive in any way. Oakland police told PEOPLE that now that Ella Hu has “shown up to the department” to confirm that she is alive and well, she would prefer to be left alone. “She wants privacy now,” Oakland police confirmed.Read More….


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