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Just 20 months after a brutal shark attack, high school champion Lucy Art won the WIAA State Swimming 50 Free title. Art swims for the Milwaukee Community College.

Art was on spring break in Florida swimming with her cousins when a blacktip shark bit his wrist and legs. She nearly lost her hand in the attack and still has shark teeth in her legs.

“I felt something hit my legs and I thought it was my cousin,” Art told TMJ4 News. It was only after the shark jumped out of the water that Art realized what she was.


Art’s right hand was in the shark’s mouth and her life was in danger as she could have bled to death. “I thought I was going to pass out going to the ambulance. I couldn’t walk,” she said.

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The initial prognosis was not good as the damage was severe. Her recovery was in doubt. “I really didn’t think my hand would ever work the same again,” she said.

“And like during rehab, it was when I was contemplating my swimming career and whether I would ever swim again. I just didn’t see myself getting better,” she added.

Art admits that she didn’t think about swimming in college and her attack gave him the motivation to do it and be better. She said: “I think the whole shark attack actually motivated me to want to swim in college. The motivation really to do better and that I can be better.”


Art also talked about revisiting the beach where she was attacked and how hard it was for her, saying, “I’ve only been in the ocean once since then and I actually went to the same beach. That was hard.”Read more…..

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