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A West Virginia mother, the father of her children and the boyfriend who lives with her are facing felony child abuse charges after a “severely malnourished” 2-year-old twin boy was brought to the hospital Monday with signs of kidney failure. . According to the criminal complaint obtained by Law&Crime, Lylee Gillenwater, 21, Michael Scott Gillenwater, 24, and Brian Douglas Casto, 22, were each living in a residence in Ripley, Jackson County, when “DG” 2 years old, was murdered. deprived of water for days and locked up with his twin brother “ZG” in a room full of urine and feces.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook that prayers were needed as they informed the public of the “hell on earth” circumstances investigators claimed to have found in that room. Jackson County Sheriff Ross H. Mellinger said Lylee Gillenwater lived in the basement of the apartment with Brian Casto, her boyfriend, while Michael Gillenwater, the father of her twins, lived upstairs in Jackson’s house. the horrors.

“The mother, Lylee Gillenwater (Adkins) was present at the home with two other children and her boyfriend and guardian of the children, Brian Casto,” the complaint states, noting that Michael Gillenwater was at the hospital with DG on May 8. . , the day a search warrant was executed. “Casto would inform the undersigned that he had been living in the house for approximately four weeks and that in that time he had not seen the children leave the room for more than 3-5 hours over the weekend.”


Charges on Lylee Gillenwater and Michael Scott Gillenwater twins parents

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The information that Lylee Gillenwater offered led CPS to remove the remaining children from the home, the complaint added. A medical professional who assessed DG at the hospital concluded that the boy “had been without water for several days.” Michael Gillenwater allegedly spoke to investigators the next day and “provided enough information for investigators to believe the children were left alone in the room for days at a time.”

The three adults allegedly used a “padlock-like” device to lock the twins in the room for days at a time, leaving the young children inside the room wearing nothing but diapers. Conditions in the room were so “deplorable,” authorities said, that investigators could not move “without stepping on both dry and wet feces.” Additionally, Cheerios and ground beef were allegedly found shoved in the driveway.

“During the initial investigation, members of the West Virginia Sheriff’s Department and State Police executed a search warrant at 8 Meadowlark Lane in Ripley, Jackson County, West Virginia. This search would reveal a room within the apartment which is what the undersigned believes to be deplorable. The room appeared to have only two small cot style mattresses thrown on the floor that were completely filthy with urine and faces.


The room was covered in human feces to the point that investigators were unable to move around the room without stepping on wet and dry feces,” the complaint states. “This room had an external lock on the outside of the door that did not allow anyone inside the room to exit. Two types of food were located at the entrance to the locked room. Cheerios along with ground beef were dumped in the doorway as if the kids had pushed the food out of the room. It was determined that DG along with his twin brother ZG were the only occupants of the room”.

The sheriff, who seemed shocked and angry about the case, said the “average barnyard animal” would do a better job of parenting than these defendants. “It amazes me that animals like this still exist,” Mellinger said. “I think it’s fair to say that, given the current circumstances, the average barnyard animal would likely provide better parental care and nurturing than these children received through the three adults living in this home.”

“The neglect had reached such a level that one of the 2-year-old boys lost consciousness and was near death when the sheriff’s office was notified,” the sheriff added. Mellinger said that “these guys need a lot of prayers right now.” DG in particular, the sheriff said, has “many hurdles to overcome medically” before it is clear he will survive. According to investigators, DG was “severely malnourished” and was showing signs of kidney failure at the hospital.


“On or about May 8, 2023, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department received information from Child Protective Services that a child had been brought to the Jackson General Hospital Emergency Department and that the child had severely malnourished with signs of renal failure. Further investigation would identify the child as a 2-year-old boy hereafter referred to as DG,” the complaint states. “CPS would also advise that, based on the observations of the physicians, the child’s condition was caused by negligence.”

The sheriff’s department said each defendant faces charges of child neglect causing serious injury and child neglect creating risk of serious injury. Both of the offenses charged are felonies under §61-8D-4(b) and (c): The defendants were booked Tuesday night at the South Central Regional Jail. Bail was set at $150,000 for each individual.Read More……

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