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The family of Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez reached a $13 million civil settlement in connection with the alleged murder of the 18-year-old mother by a school security officer.

Lawyers and family members held a press conference Tuesday to announce the multi-million dollar settlement with the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) for the September 27, 2021 shooting allegedly carried out by school security officer Eddie F. Gonzalez.

The settlement addresses the civil lawsuit between the parents and the school district, alleging excessive force, negligence and civil rights violations resulting from Gonzalez’s alleged decision to discharge his firearm at a vehicle in which Rodriguez was riding. her after witnessing an altercation with another teenage girl.


Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez Age

The age of Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez was 18 years.

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How muvh Manuela “Mona” Rodriguez’s family Receives?

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office stated in a statement at the time that the shot struck Rodriguez in the back of her head, rendering her brain dead. Tragically, the mother-of-one, whose son was then just 5 months old, was transported to a local hospital, but was taken off life support a week later.

After the shooting, González was placed on administrative leave. The school board has since fired him and authorities have charged the former school security officer with murder. He pleaded not guilty to the charge in December 2021 and will face a preliminary court hearing on June 7, CNN reported.


On Tuesday, Rodriguez’s brother, Omar Rodriguez, said the agreement, which is not an admission of guilt by either the officer or the school district, was the “first step of accountability,” NBC News reported. Speaking at the press conference, he added: “I really hope we get real justice. You know, my sister was robbed of that. Our sister was robbed of us.”

“I don’t know how to go on, how am I here, how to go on without my girl. She meant everything to me,” Rodríguez’s mother, Manuela Sahagún, added, according to NBC News. “All I want is justice, justice for my girl.” The family’s lawyer, Arnoldo Casillas, also stated that “This was a homicide,” the outlet reported. “Anyone who watches the video and looks at it honestly sees it for what it is. He was not in danger. The car had passed and there was no reason to shoot, ”he added.

In a statement shared with local media, LBUSD stated, “The school district and its insurance companies have been in negotiations on an agreement, but because we have not seen or ratified an agreement, we cannot discuss the details. Agreements like these include language that there is no admission of responsibility on the part of the district.”Read More…….


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