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An elderly woman lost her life after mistaking a house for her B&B. Margaret Barnes from Birmingham was reportedly enjoying a holiday at Marine Parade in Barmouth in July 2022 and had booked the Wavecrest B&B for herself. However, she entered Belmont House, a large five-story terraced house owned by defendant David Redfern and his partner Nicola Learoyd-Lewis, after a drinking session.
A jury at Caernarfon Crown Court was told that after finding the 71-year-old woman sleeping inside his property half-naked in the early hours of July 11, 2022, Redfern lost his temper and fatally struck her, it reported. WalesOnline. Prosecutor Michael Jones KC said: “Ms Barnes had been drinking and whether or not she thought this was Wavecrest, she went inside and lay down. She confused the defendant’s address with that of the B&B, but it was a mistake that ultimately cost her her life.”

Margaret Barnes Age

The age of Margaret Barnes was 71 years.

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Margaret Barnes killed angry hotel owner

The court was also told that the defendant criticized her pensioner by referring to her as a “thieving f***”. He allegedly knocked her down the stairs by her ankles after unexpectedly finding her. It has been said that Redfern even called the police to report the uninvited guest. Jones stated: “However, what the defendant did with Ms. Barnes was out of all proportion to the situation. What the defendant did was totally unjustified, absolutely gratuitous and completely illegal.”


CCTV footage from around the same time Barnes died showed Redfern telling her partner: “Sorry for kicking you in the ribs and dragging you down the stairs.” To which Learoyd-Lewis replied: “You could have escorted her out of it. She is an old lady. The partner of the alleged murderer had also said: “Please, don’t die, please, don’t die,” while the old woman lost her life due to injuries “similar to those expected in a high-speed traffic crash.”

Prosecutor Jones told Judge Bourne KC: “The case for the prosecution is that the reason Margaret Barnes is dead is because she had the misfortune of meeting a man who, whatever problems she had, was a angry thug. What he did to her was clearly done in fury.” Read More…..

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