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A 12-year-old Texas boy has been charged with murder after shooting a Sonic staff member with an assault rifle. Deputies found 32-year-old Matthew Davis lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds when they arrived at the Sonic Drive-In in Keene, 50 miles southwest of Dallas, around 10 p.m. m. of Saturday. He was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Detectives believe 20-year-old Angel Gomez was the driver of the 12-year-old boy and other passengers. Gomez was loud and disorderly and Davis confronted him after urinating in the parking lot, police said.

Matthew Davis Age

The age of Matthew Davis was 32v years.


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Matthew Davis was shot and killed by 12-year-old boy

During the heated exchange, the boy grabbed the AR-15 rifle from the car and shot Davis six times, authorities said. The boy and Gomez fled the scene. Gomez then returned to Sonic and was arrested. The boy was taken into custody at a home in Rio Vista, about 14 miles south of Keene, where several weapons were seized, police said.

Gomez and the boy, whom police have not identified, have been charged with murder. Davis, who is behind a 10-year-old son, recently moved to Keene and started working on Sonic just two weeks ago. His mother is working to bury him in Louisiana, where he is from.

Lynne Barton, Davis’s aunt, posted on Facebook: “It is with deep sadness that I share that my family has suffered a great loss this Mother’s Day. My best friend and sister have just lost their son due to an unspeakable tragedy. Your son was shot on the job, while trying to make a living. Please share this as we are trying to raise enough money to put our loving son, brother, nephew and friend to rest. Thank you.’ Dylan Elliott, a nearby resident, said he heard gunshots and then an air ambulance.


‘Was outside. My fiance ran into the house and I heard a bunch of gunshots,” Elliott told Fox.  “You see [helicopters] from time to time, but you never see them flying that low and at least that close to home.” She added: ‘A 12-year-old boy on this day has access to a gun and kills someone. He mainly breaks my heart. The restaurant remained closed Monday when residents came to lay flowers.

Jane Baggett told NBC: “I wish we could do more, but right now if they could see that support and love, and maybe even if we didn’t know him, his life would matter to a lot of us.” A Sonic spokesperson said: ‘We are saddened to learn of a tragedy involving a franchised team member in Keene, TX. The franchisee is fully cooperating with local authorities as they conduct their investigation.’

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