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A mother who smashed a cocktail glass in another woman’s face has been spared from jail after saying she was “upset and anxious” at being separated from her baby for the first time. Lois Berry, 21, launched the unprovoked attack on Kayleigh Leather after accusing the woman of “snarling” at her in a small argument over jumping the queue at The Railway pub in Sefton, near Liverpool, where she had been drinking gin. and lemon.

The victim, who had up to three glasses thrown in the incident, suffered bruises and injuries around his left eye. She was also treated at the hospital for a scratch on her cornea. Her current status is unknown.

Berry, a former waitress who was laid off last year, later said she had been “upset and anxious” at being separated from her partner and her 5-month-old baby for the first time. At Sefton Magistrates Court, Berry admitted to assault causing actual bodily harm and was ordered to complete 250 hours of unpaid work along with 20 days of rehabilitation with the probation service. She was also ordered to pay £200 in compensation to Miss Leather plus £234 in costs and a victim surcharge.


Emily Comer, prosecutor, said: “The circumstances of the crime relate to August 13 of last year at approximately 9:30 pm.” Kayleigh Leather was with her friends at the Railway pub for just over an hour when they noticed another woman, not the defendant, attempting to push her friend at the bar, forcing her out of the way.

‘Miss Leather and her two friends were sitting at a table when the said girl in a kerchief and the defendant and another friend approached them. The defendant told the complainant: “What is your problem?” but the complainant said that she had no problem. The defendant then replied, “Yes you do, you’ve been growling at me all night.” Miss Berry then threw a glass at Miss Leather and the complainant described a feeling of being swallowed before noticing that she had blood on her face.

‘Her friends of hers saw two more glasses thrown towards Miss Leather before the other women left. ‘Miss Leather received first aid from the staff. Another person gave the defendant’s name to staff who passed it on to police. ‘The defendant was identified by the complainant in an identification procedure at a later date. She gave an interview without comment and pleaded guilty at the first hearing. Miss Berry has no criminal record. She has not been before the court before. ‘


Lois Berry Age

The age of Lois Berry is 21 years.

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Charges on Lois Berry

A probation report said that at the time of the crime, Berry had recently separated from her partner and that the 21-year-old had not been drinking since her baby was born five months earlier. “In hindsight, she should not have drunk as much alcohol as she had,” the report says. ‘The baby was being cared for by a maternal grandmother, so that she could attend a family gathering.

She “she had been drinking gin and lemon since the afternoon, but she was feeling quite anxious about being separated from the baby and also distraught over the recent breakdown of the relationship. She perceived that the victim had been growling at her for no apparent reason. “She acknowledges that the impact of her offense could have been significantly more serious. There is no criminal record and one of the positive signs of change is that she has abstained from alcohol use.


“She accepts full responsibility for the impact of her crime on others, both those who witnessed the crime and the victim herself. “Although a custodial sentence would have a punitive purpose and the protection of society for a short period, it would do little for rehabilitation and would have an impact on the care of her daughter.” The report said that Ella Berry had worked at a restaurant until she was laid off earlier in the year and that she would appreciate support in returning to work.

It was unusual for her to be so intoxicated, she said, but the incident has become a “catalyst for change.” Berry’s lawyer, Gary Lawrenson, said: “She is a very level-headed young woman, a loving mother and a new mother with a loving family.” She has three little sisters. They are in court today and mom and dad came to court when they found out that she was going to be sentenced today.

As the little sister said: “We do everything together and we go everywhere together.” That is a reflection of where they are from. This incident has had an obvious impact on the complainant but also on the defendant and her family. “She has been absolutely petrified by these procedures. She has an exemplary character and has never taken a wrong step, but she found herself in a series of unusual circumstances.


“I’ve come across a similar situation before where a young mother who hadn’t dated for a couple of months, got separated from her father, drank too much and ended up in trouble. ‘This is unique and has been a healthy lesson for her. She is the sole caretaker of her daughter. She found herself being a mother, which is not easy at any age, and certainly not at 21. There would be nothing to be gained by sending this young woman into custody.”

Sentencing Berry, JP Sharon Gill said: ‘We have found this to be a very distressing matter looking at the injuries to Kayleigh Leather. It was not pleasant and it must have been very distressing for her, I’m sure. “We feel the offense is over the custody threshold, but [we have] reasons to reduce it to a high-level community order.”

“Things we have taken into consideration are her early guilty plea, the remorse shown, the fact that she is a new mother and the difficulties of sole caregiving responsibilities, and she has no prior convictions. We have also taken into account the steps she has taken to address alcohol issues. All of this has worked in her favor, but I must emphasize that she came very close to a prison sentence.Read More……


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