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A 40-year-old Missouri man and his 30-year-old girlfriend were convicted of killing a 32-year-old woman whose dismembered remains were found in the couple’s backyard after a young woman they sexually assaulted was found. brave enough to come and tell his spooky story. A Jackson County jury on Thursday night convicted Michael Hendricks and Maggie Ybarra of the murder of Kensie Aubry, authorities announced.

Hendricks was found guilty of one count of first degree murder, first degree stalking, attempted tempt of a child, third degree child molestation and first degree sexual misconduct. Ybarra was found guilty of one count of second-degree murder, attempted to entice a child, first-degree sexual misconduct and attempted tampering with physical evidence in a felony trial. She was also convicted of three counts of attempted victim manipulation in a felony proceeding.

Hendricks waived sentencing after the jury returned a guilty verdict. He will have a formal sentencing hearing at a later date, but a first-degree murder conviction requires that he be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Michael Hendricks and Maggie Ybarra Age

the age of Michael Hendricks and Maggie Ybarra is 40 and  30 year.

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Michael Hendricks and Maggie Ybarra killed a woman

Aubry, from Kansas City, Missouri, mysteriously disappeared in October 2020 and was reported missing by her family. Her dismembered body was discovered in July 2020 in the yard of a home owned by Hendricks in the 4000 block of South Buckner-Tarsney Road.

According to a press release from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office, authorities first learned of Aubry’s murder after a 13-year-old girl in April 2021 came forward and denounced Hendricks and Ybarra. The girl claimed that Hendricks had abused her and tried to tempt her into having three-way sex with him and Ybarra.


But the young victim’s story didn’t stop there, as the information she gave authorities eventually led investigators to the property near Grain Valley, Missouri, where Aubry’s mutilated corpse was discovered.

The victim told police that Hendricks and Ybarra bragged about their violence against Aubry and even showed her photographic evidence. “Maggie showed him photos on a cell phone of a woman with her hands bound, naked and gagged,” an Independence Police Department detective wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

That macabre display of trust on Ybarra’s part likely can be traced back to the now-convicted murderer who previously served as the victim’s foster mother. However, her guardianship was reportedly revoked after Ybarra allowed multiple sexual partners to abuse the girl when she was younger. The victim told authorities that Hendricks, Ybarra and Aubry “were sleeping together and Ybarra said Hendricks ‘suffocated [Aubry] to death’ and put her in the freezer.”


That method of death traced previous statements Hendricks had allegedly made in the girl’s presence. For example, Hendricks had previously stated that he “got turned on when people died” while he was watching a horror movie with the victim and Ybarra. After that movie, the girl told police that she was asked to have sex with her partner and that Hendricks abused her. The child victim went on to tell authorities that Hendricks admitted to cutting Aubry’s body to pieces with a chainsaw in order to surreptitiously dispose of the woman’s remains.

“I am thankful for a brave little boy who stepped up to tell police what happened, who endured, who testified and who can only be described as an absolute hero,” County Attorney Jean Peters Baker said in a statement. Baker had previously said that without the “courage” of the victim, authorities “may not know the fate of Kensie Aubry.”Read More…….

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