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The Manhattan financier accused of raping a 14-year-old girl who posed as his daughter, and of trying to lure multiple other children even while he was being electronically monitored, has been fired from his job, The Post has learned. Michael Olson, 55, was fired by the Dwight Mortgage Trust on Thursday, the same day he was indicted on 17 criminal charges including his alleged sexual abuse of the young teenager they accuse of grooming via Instagram.

“Yesterday we learned of serious criminal allegations against one of our employees, Michael Olson, and immediately upon learning of these allegations, he was fired,” a DMT representative told The Post on Friday. “The allegations are horrifying and our hearts go out to the victims and their families. We will fully cooperate with any requests from law enforcement regarding Mr. Olson.”

It’s unclear how long Olson was at DMT, a firm focused on real estate, or what role he held at the company. The firm apparently removed any information about Olsen from his website on Friday. Prosecutors said Olson targeted underage Asian girls who posted about financial problems or self-harm on social media.


Michael Olson Age

The age of Michael Olsonis 55 years.

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Charges on Michael Olson

Many of the girls listed their middle or high schools in Instagram bios, and Olson kept handy screenshots of the New York City public school calendar, as well as Uber receipts showing pickups at elementary and high schools. the prosecutors said. Olson even allegedly devised a spreadsheet detailing the drugs he fed his victims and how much he paid them.

“In his own words, he detailed how he would first pay them to meet with him and then pay them more if they performed oral sex on him or had sexual intercourse with him,” Manhattan District Attorney John Fuller said in court Thursday. Olson first made contact with his 14-year-old accuser in December 2022 when she posted on Instagram about his difficulty shopping for clothes, according to the indictment.


He allegedly raped the girl on multiple occasions, including a few dates between April and May 2023, in exchange for $700 per week. The girl also traveled with him to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami, which Olson accomplished by posing as her daughter on false boarding pass information, prosecutors said.

Authorities received information about Olson’s alleged activities on May 26, when the victim overdosed on a lethal cocktail of cocaine and ketamine in his Manhattan hotel room. Items recovered from the room also included sex objects such as vibrators, handcuffs, ropes, lube and condoms, authorities said.

“The defendant said that he brought these items to the hotel that day as a gift [to] a 14-year-old girl,” Fuller said. Olson’s iPad, which was recovered at the scene, contained his disgusting spreadsheet, as well as screenshots of underage girls, public school schedules and website forum hits such as “kink rape,” they said. The prosecutors.


Olson was arrested in May for the 14-year-old girl, arraigned on June 5 and posted his $1 million bail and released, according to authorities. He then allegedly continued to contact girls between the ages of 13 and 15, even while he was being electronically monitored.

“After posting bail on the matter in question at the criminal court arraignment, the defendant changed his phone number and continued to communicate with 13- and 15-year-old girls who have been identified as victims in this scheme so recently. like this week as we know so far,” Fuller said.

“He continued this criminal conduct, possibly harming the welfare of a child, even after posting $1 million bail, surrendering her passport, and being under electronic surveillance and home confinement.” A new arrest warrant was issued for Olson on June 13.


The suspect was then charged Thursday with one count of criminal sale of a controlled substance to a child, five counts of rape in the second degree, seven counts of aggravated sponsoring a minor for prostitution in the second degree, two counts of sexual act second degree felony, one count of facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance and one count of endangering the welfare of a child. This time, he was remanded without bail. Olson’s attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, told The Post on Friday that his client maintains his innocence.

“Of course he’s upset, he’s a human being … it’s a horrible day for him,” Lichtman said of Olson’s reaction to the heavy charges. “These are just accusations at this point, no matter how salacious they may be. “We haven’t received a single piece of paper of evidence yet, so it’s hard to really discuss the case intelligently when you’re not exactly sure what the evidence is.”Read More…….

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