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NEW YORK: A therapist in New York allegedly “seduced” a hedge fund manager into engaging in office sex sessions after he was manipulated into believing he was “stuck” in his marriage, claims his lawsuit was presented on Tuesday, February 28. session, the therapist accused him of ‘loving money’ and the act went on for 10 years. Michael Pollack

In the explosive lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Michael Pollack, a father of two, claimed that he paid $250,000 in total just for sexual payments since his 2008 visit to analyst Heidi Kling, 58, for her sex issues. anxiety amid stock market turmoil. Pollack’s decade-long entanglement with his therapist ended on its own in August 2021, the New York Post reported.

The Wall Streeter’s traumatized wife, who is from India, also survived the trauma of the Mumbai terror attack on November 26, 2008, when the couple visited her family. She claimed that the emotional dependence on her was “fostered” by Kling, and through constant emails, she romanced him. Six months later, Pollack confessed to his friends that he has an “erotic interest” in his therapist.


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Michael Pollack allegedly seduced by his therapist

The businessman and his therapist had frequent exchanges through texts where they shared Hindu verses about wishes. “I wish I could make you my God and take away my suffering,” Pollack said in his response to Kling’s explanation of Sigmund Freud’s idea of desire, saying they were “forbidden unconscious desires.”

By charging $300 a session, Kling manipulated Pollack into thinking her wife was “difficult to love,” “extremely rigid,” and “highly controlling.” On a 2011 date, their exchange turned physical. According to the lawsuit, the therapist sat next to him and “took [his hers] hand in hers and initiated sexual contact. The sexual contact intensified and continued in each session thereafter.”


Office sex sessions with his therapist were expensive. Pollcack claimed that sometimes the money he wired ran into “thousands a week when [Kling’s] husband, Marty, was out of work.” Before their relationship became physical, Pollack paid $50,000 for his therapy with Kling over three years.

According to the American Psychological Association, psychologists are prohibited from having sexual relations with patients for reasons of professional ethics. Joseph Newirth, 79, a second therapist Pollack was seeing during his time with Kling, encouraged him to continue the sex sessions, saying it would help him “grow emotionally.

according to the lawsuit. However, in August 2021, the hedge funder began to feel “enormous internal pressure to choose between Dr. Kling or his wife” and broke up with his therapist-turned-lover. According to the lawsuit, Newirth, who is Kling’s mentor, allegedly yelled at her and said, “You were a fucking robot before I met her. She opened you up, brought you to life,” to which Pollack said, “I had PTSD. I was! an erotic transfer!”Read More……


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