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Morgan Bauer, 19, was last seen alive in late February 2016, just days after moving from South Dakota to Atlanta, Georgia, to start a new life. Now Johnathan Alexander Warren is accused of murdering her and Katelyn Goble is accused of covering up the crime. “Investigators are still actively investigating the case and it continues to develop,” the City of Porterdale Police Department in Georgia wrote. “Investigators are in constant communication with our district attorney and his office.”

They did not immediately explain how Warren and Goble allegedly knew Bauer. This follows more than a week after authorities executed a search warrant at a property in Porterdale, according to WXIA. It surprised the police in Peoria, Illinois, who participated in the search warrant. The officers did not explain why they executed the search warrant or why their Illinois counterparts were there, according to WSB.

But police now say that Goble was arrested in Peoria. She is facing a charge of concealing a death; and felony evidence tampering. Warren, charged as Bauer’s killer, was arrested in Los Angeles, California. He faces murder, aggravated assault, concealment of death and misdemeanor tampering with evidence.


Morgan Bauer Age

The age of Morgan Bauer was 19 year.

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Who killed Morgan Bauer?

Bauer moved from her South Dakota hometown to the South, where she worked at a strip club in Gainesville, Georgia, her mother, Sherri Keenan, previously told WXIA. Officials initially said she was last seen on February 25, 2016, but her mother said Ella Bauer posted on social media the next day. “On the 25th that night, she was dancing at the Top of Gainesville,” Keenan said. “She left and we know that she left with some people. They said she was dropped off at a Citgo gas station in Covington, Georgia.”

Bauer’s move was bumpy. She moved to Atlanta with only $20, she expected a tax refund. “I didn’t want her to really go to Atlanta. It was something that really concerned me,” Keenan told Dateline. “But Morgan does everything 100%. She’s the ‘big time’ type of girl.” “She was planning to stay with someone she had talked to on Craigslist,” the mother told WSB.


Having initially arrived there unemployed, Bauer was supposed to clean house for her roommates until she got a job, but the roommates had something of a falling out. “From what I understand, she had left her clothes there because she didn’t know what to do,” Keenan said. “And then she went to find a place to stay, a hotel, and that’s what led her to dance.” .

She remembered her daughter in glowing terms. “When she walked into a room, you knew she was there,” Keenan said, according to Dakota News Now. “She just commanded a whole room. She was beautiful and funny and her laugh could just take you completely. She was nice.”Read More……

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