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A Detroit woman says she was falsely arrested for carjacking when she was eight months pregnant because of faulty facial recognition technology, according to a new lawsuit. Porcha Woodruff, a mother of three, said she thought the cops were joking when they showed up to arrest her in February on burglary and carjacking charges, according to the lawsuit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Michigan.

“Are you kidding, carjacking? See I’m eight months pregnant, Woodruff told an officer who told her he had a warrant out for her on February 16, the lawsuit alleges. “I was scared, that was the main thing,” Woodruff told The Post on Sunday night after realizing the cops weren’t kidding. “What’s going on?” “There was no sympathy, there was like ‘OK, let’s take a break,'” she added. Woodruff later learned that she was being “implicated as a suspect” from a series of photos the victim was shown after an “unreliable facial recognition match,” according to court documents.

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The age of Porcha Woodruff is 32 year.


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Porcha Woodruff

Woodruff filed a lawsuit against the city and Detective LaShauntia Oliver, who led the case. The now-dismissed charges against her came less than a month after a male victim called 911 on Jan. 29 and said his cellphone and her car were stolen at gunpoint. The charges were later dropped due to insufficient evidence. The victim told police that he and a woman had sex at a liquor store after running into her at a market the same day, according to the lawsuit.

The couple stopped at a BP gas station and the woman spoke to people there. The victim and the woman then traveled to another location where another man robbed the victim, according to the lawsuit. The male suspect had spoken with the victim’s partner at the gas station, the victim told police. Her cell phone was later returned to the gas station by the female suspect where pictures of her were taken, the lawsuit says.

Once the video of the store was taken, facial recognition was run that identified Woodruff as the woman in the video, the lawsuit says. The victim also chose Woodruff as the woman she was with during the robbery, even though she was shown a photo of her from 2015, the lawsuit alleges. The 2015 photo was of an arrest related to driving with an expired license, her legal team said.


Police had access to a photo of the current driver’s license, but did not show it to the victim, and Det. Oliver also did not show the male suspect a photo of Woodruff after he was arrested, the lawsuit says. When authorities arrested Woodruff, he was preparing his two children for school. “(Woodruff) was forced to tell her two sons, who were there crying, to go upstairs and wake up Plaintiff’s fiancé to tell him that ‘Mommy is going to jail,'” the lawsuit says.

While she was detained for 11 hours, Woodruff was dealing with gestational diabetes from her pregnancy, according to the lawsuit. After she was released on $100,000 bail, she had to go to the hospital due to dehydration and contractions, according to the lawsuit. Detroit Police Chief James White told NBC News that the allegations are “very concerning” and that police were taking the matter “very seriously,” but he could not say more at this time.

Attorney Ivan Land, who is representing Woodruff, said police should have investigated further rather than rely on facial recognition identification. “And if they had only driven five minutes to her house, they would have seen that her condition was eight months old and they would have known that she was not the person who committed the crimes of robbery and robbery,” the lawyer said. .Read More…..


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