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NAlah Jackson allegedly kidnapped two young children from Ohio. She has since pleaded guilty to spitting on a sheriff’s deputy who was searching her in an Indiana jail. A 24-year-old woman who is accused of kidnapping 5-month-old twins from a car she allegedly took herself away pleaded guilty to spitting on a sheriff’s deputy during her arrest in that case.

Nalah Jackson, faced one count of assault with bodily waste where the victim is a public safety officer, records show. She is accused of spitting on an officer while she was booked into the Marion County Jail in Indiana in December. Records show that she received a one-year jail sentence.

Jackson announced at her first court appearance that she would plead guilty, according to local CBS affiliate WBNS last month. When asked her name, she reportedly responded with a question: “Are you talking to me like a person or like a slave?” “I am speaking to you as a person,” the judge said. Jackson reportedly gave her name as “Josphis Hunt.”


Nalah Jackson Age

Thea ge of Nalah Jackson is 24 years

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Nalah Jackson accused of kidnapping 5-month-old twin boys

The judge asked her if she understood her rights. “No…yes…no…I plead guilty,” Jackson reportedly said. “Just go ahead and sentence me.” The judge reportedly ended the hearing because Jackson continued to swear.

She faces charges after authorities said she stole a running car with two young children inside. The children’s mother ran outside while she was picking up a DoorDash order at a pizza place in Columbus, Ohio. Jackson allegedly left the restaurant and drove off with her mother’s vehicle, a Honda Accord.


The boys were not harmed. One was found on December 20 outside the Dayton International Airport. The second baby was found safe in her mother’s car near a Papa John’s pizzeria when Jackson was arrested, police wrote. “The 5-month-old boy is in good health and is being transported to a hospital for checkups.” The children’s grandmother, LaFonda Thomas, was relieved.

“This is going to be the best Christmas ever. I’m so excited. It’s a miracle,” she said, according to a December 23 report by WBSN. “I’m overwhelmed right now.” No hearing has been set in the kidnapping case, according to a staff member with the Franklin County court in Ohio. Online records show Jackson remains in the Marion County jail in Indiana.Read More….

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