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A woman who was mauled to death by the eight animals she was wandering in a Surrey park is believed to have been killed by her own American Bully XL. Witnesses to the horrific attack said the dogs became a pack of “wolves” when they attacked Natasha Johnston, 28, at the Gravelly Hill beauty spot in Caterham on January 12.

She died of multiple bites to the neck, including one that punctured her jugular vein, an inquest heard. Eight dogs were seized at the scene of the frenzied attack. Police confirmed that Ms Johnston’s dog was the only animal to be destroyed, which they believe to be an American Bully XL.

They continue to hold five other dogs following a veterinarian’s forensic report, but two seized dachshunds were returned to their owners last month. A Surrey Police spokesperson said: “We have now received a forensic veterinary report and this has been shared with the Surrey coroner.


Natasha Johnston Age

The age of Natasha Johnston was 28 years.

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Natasha Johnston cause of death

‘As a result of this, two dogs (both Dachshunds) were returned to their owner at the end of April and one dog, belonging to the deceased, was put to sleep. The other five dogs remain in private kennels and we are speaking with their owners about the report’s recommendations. The breed of dog that was put to sleep is believed to be an American Bully XL.

“Other than the update on the status of the seized dogs, we have no further comments or updates on this investigation as it has now moved to the coroner’s office and will be covered as part of the investigation.” An inquest into the death of Ms Johnston is due to start on June 29. After the horrific attack, friends paid tribute to “bubbly and beautiful” Mrs. Johnston, who loved dogs and had experience handling her.


Jo Butchers, 34, a friend of Mrs Johnston’s from her childhood home of Ryde on the Isle of Wight, said: “Long walks through the countryside with the dogs were her thing.” “She walked a lot of dogs here, not as a professional but with her own dogs and those of her friends.

She then moved and that became her job in London. She grew up with dogs, so she always loved them. At the time, Tandridge local council said she did not have a license to walk dogs in the district. But Ms Butchers insisted to the Mail on Sunday that Ms Johnston, who lived in Croydon, south London, was an experienced professional who had obtained the license from her.

She added that when she heard the news of her friend’s death she didn’t believe it “because she was great with dogs.” Another friend told the MoS: ‘She was definitely not new to dogs, quite the opposite. She always loved them and absolutely adored hers, talking about them all the time.


She “she seemed very happy walking dogs in London, she used to put videos of the dogs on her Snapchat. So it’s ironic the way she was killed, bless her.” Before moving to London, Mrs. Johnston lived in Ryde with her brother and two of her dogs. A childhood friend’s mother said: ‘We are absolutely devastated. She was so loving, a beautiful girl inside and out.

“She was always bubbly when she came to meet my girl. They used to hang out together and enjoy their lives as young teenagers. ‘She will be greatly missed. I know there will be a lot of people going to her funeral.
The attack raised questions about different council rules about how many dogs a person can walk at one time. Most tips vary between four and six dogs.

A source close to the case told the Daily Mail: “She just had too many dogs.” You can’t be in control with that many dogs. If something happens, it’s like being attacked by seven little wolves. “The dogs were in a frenzy, acting like a pack and going after what was in front of them.”


One of the dogs had attacked and bitten another woman walking her own dog moments before, and she fled injured. It is believed that Mrs Johnston may have been attacked by the seven or eight dogs she was walking. As two horsemen stumbled into the graphic scene, she yelled, “Back off, back off.”Read More……

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